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Death Valley CA weather forecast

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I can't even imagine....


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It was 115 years back when I was out west on a trip. I compared it to feeling like standing in front of an oven with the door open.

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Posted (edited)

But isn't it a dry heat.....


Spent some time in Israel where it was 115......hot is hot whether it's dry or not.

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I read that the Furnace Creek visitor center weather station is the hottest place on earth most summer days. Who's visiting?

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4 hours ago, 99silveradoz71 said:

I compared it to feeling like standing in front of an oven with the door open.

One up you on that.  Flew in on a C 130 and landed at an air base in Saudi Arabia during the summer time.  The pilot shut off power and we had to de-plane because it was 125 degrees  in the aircraft.  Our transport had not yet arrived and temps got up to 150 degrees on the tarmac.  It didn't feel like standing in front of the oven with the door open, it felt like turning the oven on broil and putting your head inside.  You're talking about out of the frying pan and into the fire.  

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      I purchased a 2014 gmc 5.3 with 80k. the lifters were all replaced under warranty. soon after i noticed 10 psi oil pressure after driving 25 min on highway. dealer replaced oil pump still has 10 psi after 25 min of driving. when i first start up its at 40, oil pressure goes to 70 when rpm exceeds 3500 rpm. oil pressure starts to drop to 20 after 10 min and seems fine. after 25 min it drops to 10 on guage. i had oil pressure checked with mechanical guage and confermed guage is accurate. i asked dealer to che k the screen under oil pressure switch they said it was clean. at this time dealer says nothing is wrong due to specs at 1000,2000,3000 rpm. i called gm customer care and they said to get different dealer to look at. i did and they confermed rpm at different rpm and charged me 118.00 gm customer care did nothing to help me out. i have never seen any truck with 10 psi at idle. does anyone else seem to have this issue?
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      People are living longer and some are staying in shape!

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      Took to dealer - they said they cant find anything wrong, of course, and of course the he was working fine.
      Its only done this a couple of times in the past 2 months now.
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      Any ideas? Could it somehow be user error? (doubtful)
      Also when the AC button is on, even when its on heat, is the AC really still running? seems dumb that lights always on even when you have the temp high and its blowing heat.
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