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Sun roof or not?


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I bought my first vehicle with a sunroof about 15 years ago. It was a sporty car. When I had to upgrade to a vehicle that was more family friendly I chose to go without a sunroof, and missed having the sunroof a lot. I finally had a bit more say in what I wanted in a car, and had to have a sunroof, so I got one. It feels good having a sunroof again. And, with my current cross country move, having a sunroof has really helped out due to the COVID-crap going on. In my truck in transporting my dog and my wife's cat. Although I have been able to find dog-friendly restaurants, I can't say the same for cats. So, the cats stay in their carriers (my wife is transporting another cat in her car). We park near the patio at the restaurant, and roll down the windows and open the sunroof on both cars. It hasn't been hot enough outside to harm the animals, but if we didn't open the windows and sunroof the interior would get hot enough that the cats could be in danger. Opening the sunroof has meant that heat isn't as likely to get trapped in the car, and makes it more likely for a breeze to come along and help out.

The biggest drawback I've had with vehicles that had sunroofs is that I'm a tall enough guy that the lower interior ceiling has resulted in me bumping my head numerous times when going over bigger bumps on the highway. My wife's 2017 Chevy Traverse has been no exception to this, even with the seat all the way down. However, that hasn't been an issue at all with my 2020 Silverado. It does have a sunroof. Although I do prefer the seat cushion lowered all the way, I actually have room to raise the seat if I wanted to.

I'm also biased to GM vehicles, and have owned many. Out of all the vehicle I've owned, none of them with sunroofs have given me a problem. My wife's cars with sunroofs have also been flawless for her. If you're worried about problems, don't be (imo).

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Hot days I leave it cracked. Cooler days like we’re getting now, I often open it wide. I love it. No real downside until the truck gets a lot older and it potentially stops working. My back window leaked, my sunroof don’t.

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