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2022 Chev Silverado 3500 Crew Cab

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There are several recent threads that cover this subject.

I’ll sum up:


Bottom line is a bunch of us have bought the gas truck and are very happy with it. Meanwhile, the diesel guys tell us we should have bought the diesel. 

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I traded a duramax L5P in on my new 6.6 gas crew LWB.  I’ve put a couple thousand miles on it in a short time and am very happy so far.  
I don’t tow heavy (4-5k) and have put 5-6 hrs drive time towing also and was surprised that it actually tows better than my 17 6.0 with 4.10s.  I assumed the 3.73 would cause more shifting on inclines that it actually does, especially with the 37s I’m running.  

Whatever changes in programming that have been made to the 6sp tranny, coupled with the 6.6, make for a nice driving experience.  This truck is noticeably different/better than a 6.0 


Couldn’t tell you exactly what kind of mpg I’m getting-never cared enough to check but I’d bet it’s 12-13 unloaded mostly highway.  My duramax regularly got 14-15 per tank hand calculated on the same lift and tires.  

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Sorry Polaris1man if my attempt at humor delayed people responding to you. 

Regarding gas mileage, I get a little over 17 unloaded on the highway at 65 over low altitude rolling terrain. Running 70 plus drops it down to 16. I get about 15 with my pop-up slide-in truck camper that weighs about 1700 lbs and sticks up sbout 12 inches above the cab. I can’t offer any towing numbers yet. 

Like I said, I’m very happy with the gas engine and 6 spd transmission for my use, including some towing of an 8000 lb boat trailer.  

My only complaint about the truck is not engine specific:  the visibility to the front for off roading sucks because of the stupid “I drive a semi” high front end styling, and the giant mirrors seriously block the view of cross traffic and pedestrians at intersections. Even after four months if driving it I still occasionally slam on the brakes turning a corner because i see a car speeding at me from the right in my peripheral vision when really it’s a car passing behind me appearing in the huge mirror that blocks the front third of the passenger window.  I’m surprised the DOT allowed those  mirrors.  I’m hoping for an aftermarket mirror change, but not holding my breath. 

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The "drive a semi" high front end didn't bother me as much as for my wife, gonna need a couple of boat cushions for her!! I'm not too concerned about the mileage factor on the truck, just asking what to expect, guessing a 36 gallon tank will be enough to get one one Gas station to another.

Here is another question; any of you 6.6 Gaser's running aftermarket exhaust? GM recommends the Borla single, also been looking at the Flowmaster American Thunder duals, any thoughts?

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Well, been watching the build of my '22 Silverado 3500, and now see it has left Flint MI via train and expect delivery around October 10th. Didn't go for the Denalli, hope to be happy with the LT model as I needed cloth seats for our 3 kids (Dogs) to avoid Leather scratching. Added 20" rims, tow mirrors, electric rear window, what ever tailgate with drop, running boards, bug shield, and a few other items. So does anyone have any news on the Cold Air Intakes and exhaust accessories?

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