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Please help! 2015 GMC Sierra slt 6.2 misfire

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2015 GMC Sierra slt all terrain w/ 6.2. Engine was running fine then service engine started flashing and traction dash light came on. Engine started misfiring on cylinder 6 swapped coil with cylinder 4 computer still says 6 misfire. I replaced all injectors and spark plug with wire and started engine with same results…I’m going to do a compression test on it tomorrow but is there anything else I could be missing? Thanks 

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Pull the valve covers on that side and see if it's a broken valve spring.  Mine broke on number 5 at 105K miles.  It didn't drop or bend the valve.  So it was a quick and easy fix.  It's pretty common with 6.2's.  They have since updated the design of the valve springs.

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I happens but along as it didn't mess anything else up.  It's a pretty easy fix.  Still sucks I have a love hate relationship with my truck.


Mine broke a valve spring at 105K miles and it was cheap and easy fix.  Then at 125K miles it stuck a lifter.  So I pulled it apart and put a TSP 218/226 in it.  Now I enjoy messing with SS camaro's and mustangs :driving:

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On 8/24/2021 at 3:07 PM, Joseph J Pahler said:

I was able to feel misfire it was shaking the truck when you gave it gas

Fixed? How many miles? Why did it bend pushrod? Mistimed AFM event? 

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