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Axel shaft housing leaking 2006 GMC Sierra 3500

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Hopefully the axle tube hasn't moved at all and that's why it's leaking.


You can clean the piss out of it, prep it and weld it if you want. People do that all the time in the drag racing or sled pulling world, makes it stronger and prevent leaks from there.

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As CamGTP mentioned, the axle probably moved. Don't weld it until you've confirmed that the axle is still straight. The cheapest fix is probably getting another axle from a junkyard, the 11.5" 14 bolts are very strong so you'll have no problems finding a good one. These trucks are very common, which is one of their strengths.

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If getting a replacement axle (which I would also recommend), make sure it's:

-the same width as the original (single vs dually vs cab&chassis are all different widths)

-the same gear ratio (less important, as you could swap gears/guts from the original, it just takes time or a bunch of money to do)

-the same size (the one for the 6.0 is a little smaller than for the diesel/8.0)

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Welding that is a bit tricky, the center section is a casting and the tube is steel.  The tubes are held in by a plug weld visible within the circle you drew.  Anyway, if the tube has not moved (looks like it has not) you might try draining the oil, cleaning the area thoroughly with brake cleaner and running a bead of silicone around the tube.  Let it dry for a day before you refill the oil and drive it.  Might work.  Another axle is the best fix.   

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