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Fairly new to posting here, so please let me know if this question would do better in another spot. I have a 2017 Sierra 1500 SLT. About 2 years ago when it was hot out,I started my truck, and the dash started flashing through all of the warning signs(seat belt, air pressure, pretty much every warning). None of my gauges worked on the dash, but my infotainment system worked, and my lights, including blinkers, on the outside worked. After running it for about ten minutes, it like reset itself and the dash started working. It was under warranty at the time, but only happened once. Now, my truck is no longer under warranty, and it happens every single time it's hot outside. The dealership said they'd have to keep my truck for awhile to let it mimic the issue, and I know they will charge me out the ass just to find the problem, before asking for a couple grand to fix it. Considering it only happens when it's hot, I feel like something is expanding and making a connection issue. Has anyone had any experience or heard of this? I would greatly appreciate any advice on what to look for it how to test the issue. I did use a tester while it was doing it last time, but no codes came up. I'm really confused. 

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If the instrument panel is the only problem and everything else is fine. the truck runs, windows work, headlights work running lights  work, etc...


Then I would remove the instrument panel and check the connector, If I'm not wrong is just one connector that goes to the ECM, so there are not to many problems to check.


I just looked at the GM schematic and it does show just one direct connector to the ECM

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2 hours ago, lovecars said:

If the instrument panel is the only problem and everything else is fine. the truck runs, windows work, headlights work running lights  work, etc...


Then I would remove the instrument panel and check the connector, If I'm not wrong is just one connector that goes to the ECM, so there are not to many problems to check.


I just looked at the GM schematic and it does show just one direct connector to the ECM

Will the GM schematic show me exactly what I need to look at? I'm at work, but I'll definitely check the suggestions when I get home. 

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No it's just the schematic, with no other info

 I can count all wires going into the ECM. And I can see that all those signals go to the display. But if there is a problem with for instance with the engine temp it goes to the ECM and then sends the info to the display

So the first thing to see is the back of the display.

Search you tube for a guy installing a Denali instrument panel and he shows how to get to it to remove it... if I find the type of connector and the wires I can give more info.

If you are used to working on old cars these are totally different and what you think can go wrong it's not.

All wiring on these trucks handle network wiring that send signals to and from to modules to do the work, if the module returns a fail then the computer either will try again or set a code. The trucks from 2224 and up will use ethernet network like all of office or home computers. There is a reason why, but I can write a.book about it...


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Do you remember what year the guy is working on? There's a few videos dealing with the instrument panel, but each one looks a little different. 

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I found the connector, but can't tell if anything's wrong. Here's what I'm wondering, I got a stereo system hooked up when I first got my truck. I'm not sure exactly how they ran the wires, but it looks like they went into this under my dash, because there's electrical tape on it. Is it possible that isn't getting a good connection when it heats up outside and messes with it? The radio doesn't ever cut out though


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Also, I'm not sure what these are for, but one of those red clips was popped down in the position to disconnect it. I wonder if that, or something else is loose, and when it heats up outside they separate a little. That's the only thing I can think of since it only happens when it's hot

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