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Toyota guy turned traitor

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Hi guys. I’m not only a first time Chevy owner, but also this is my first GM product. I’ve always been a Toyota guy, but I just traded my Tundra in and paid for a 2024 Silverado 2500HD (gasser). I needed something bigger to pull my camper that were just got. I should be picking it up next week because it needs to come from Virginia up to NJ. Can’t wait for it!

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24 minutes ago, Robsteeler66 said:

Does anyone know if my truck has the camera in the rear view mirror based on my window sticker? Might be convenient if the bed is loaded. 




You've got All Start which per the list there includes 360 Surround Vision (RPO code UV2) so it should include RPO code UVN for the in bed view camera.  

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28 minutes ago, Robsteeler66 said:

So I can see out the back if the window is covered?



Should be?  Camera is mounted in the center high mount stop lamp so as long as that isn't obstructed you'd have a clear view of the bed in the camera screens page in the radio when you pull up the bed view.  

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