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3" or a 6" and Why  

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CV angles will be steeper


and i imagine you will use bigger tires than a 3"






if i did go with the 6" i woudlnt neccisarrily want bigger tires because i d onot want to have to regear...i have the 3.73's...so i am trying to stick with the 285's 31-32"


Anybody got any pics of a 6" with 31-32" tires?

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You could go the cheap route and do a 3 inch body for like 400 bucks and a weekend of work and run 33-35s no problem. IMO 6" lifts are a rip off unless you plan on running something bigger than a 35, because you can accomplish that with a body lift for a fraction of the cost

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Ok here is where i stand with the whole body lift thing....first off i do not like how it looks with the step up bars that ran me $350 ..... second i do not like what it does to the front air dam with the tow hooks...and third i just am not comfortable having my body seperated from my chassis by "blocks"....now i have done research and so on that says that it doesnt do anything to durabliity or anything i think it is just a pet peeve...


Now as for the Tire size...if i had a endless pit of money i would run 36-38" with a huge a$$ suspension lift and regear...HOWEVER...like most of us i dont. Therefore i was looking into a tire of about 31-33" because i would not need to regear with that size tire (i have the 3.73's)...and from what i have heard if i run a 35" tire with 3.73's i am gonna be feeling that big timee....SO that is when i narrowed my search down because i am no t willing to spend the cash for a regear as well....


So now i have it narrowed down to a 31-33" tire and something inbetween a 3-6" suspension lift. That is why I am asking about the differences...Once again i would REALLY appreciate any pics of someone with a 31-32" tire on a 6" lifted truck...I have seen them on a 3" and they look SWEET




NOW...maybe i am missing something because i have seeen many guys with 35" tires with a 6" lift with a 1500 Silverado with the 3.73's....I assumed according the the ratio calculators that anything above a 33" tire you should regear...PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG

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I had 35s with the gears lower than the 3.73 it wasn't that terrible, and you can mount your nerf bars up higher if you want. My suggestion if you want to run that size tire is not to even fool with a suspension lift, just get some ford keys and be done with it. You will be able to fit 33s

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I would say that 95% of the time because of where i live the truck will be on the road...HOWEVER..haha..I go down to the bay house on occasion and there are lots of "opportunities" available that i would like to take advantage of...one of those opportunities would be off road ....So i would say both but mostly road


Thanks for your guys help so far..


P.S. I have looked into the ford keys...but i dont like the fact that people say that it rides rough and stresses front end parts.


As always PLEASE correct me if i am wrong

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Depends on how much you crank them, you can safely crank them 2 inches with now problems...heck I had the torsion bars on my 97 cranked up 3 inches for 3 years and never noticed any abnormal front end wear, but 3 inches is too high for the stock shocks so I had to get longer ones and they cleaned up the ride quite a bit. Its just preferance...you sound kinda like me, I want to put some 33s on my truck on the occasions when I'm at my farm and need the extra offroad edge, but I'm on road more often than not and don't want to sacrifice my on road ride

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