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Duraburb yukon & suburban 2500

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I was looking at some of these duramax suv,s, and there pretty neat.. The prices are a little higher then i thought,

Im going back and forth between a mega cab cummins or a crew cab sierra.. my ext cab isnt cuttin it with the kids and the dogs when we go camping.. When i had the yukon xl i loved it..super cmfortable and tons of room, And having the lbz or lmm d-max, I would be able to tow any camper out there!

So when i spoke to them, these are the rough numbers..

If you bring them an 03-06 yukon or suburban the total price is $15-18,000

AN 07-newer body stlye is $23-25,000 WOW... I was a little shocked,but it obviuosly includes the diesel engine,allison trans,tuning,electronics, 11.5 rear end,Etc..... So i guess its not that bad.. I just saw an 04 yukon 6.0 with like 140,000 miles which doesnt matter..for like $12,500, So for under $30,000 Id have a pretty awesome 450 hp 700+ ft lb SUV...

And have all the room/space we need for the family/pets.. Whatdya guys think??

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Not sure if they keep them or not..I really dont think they need them laying around, I could see them keeping any allisons they come across

but what would they do with a 4l80e and the 6.0,s Ge told me he had 5 8.1,s right now sitting there and would sell me one of the he had with like 160,000 miles on it for $700

Its not that i cant make my mind up..I just been through a ton of trucks over the yrs and just want the ideal or perfect one this time and hold onto it.. the girls are only 3 and 4 right now and ove camping so i figure for atleast the next ten yrs we,ll all be going, And i hate being cramped..

As far as them knowing there shit...Absoluetly!! Everything ive seen from them is so clean and flawless... But how hard is it really? With a good garage/lift and the right tools Anything is possible. I just love that they make it like it came that way from the factory.. Hit the key and it goes...No lights coming on or dumb noises or rattles..Pretty neat!

Its just alot of money,

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I hear ya..I cant afford anything brand new, I wish but my credit is trashed right now.. But if you figure they build these so well that that look completely stock.. And say i get one with an lbz that has 40-60,000 miles, Well taken care of that truck should last that long and beyond..Its probably only gonna get 8-10,000 miles per year if that,

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