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I have a 2007 nbs 1500 5.3 and when i start it cold it has low oil pressure around 25 psi 80% of the time, normal start up it has 40 psi up and some times it drops to 0 and i shut it down. most of the time it stays at 25 psi and does not move even with reving up the motor a little. then after running it for about 10 mins all of a suddin bang the neddle jumps up to what i beleive it normal idle around 30psi and crusing around 40 and at 3000 rpm about 55psi the truck has 320 000 KM and i have just changed the oil pressure sending unit and checked the filter right below it and it was kleen. i think its crazy that i have lower oil psi when its cold then when its warm but it only does it in the morning first start up i drive it to work and it sits there all day and after 9 hours i start it up and its normal, thinking my next step is to drop the pan check the oil pick up and pressure relif valve, mabe even change the pump any ideas???

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