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1994 Chevy burban front axle

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Hi all,

My 1994 K1500 is leaking oil from front diff from the seals mostly around where the left output shaft connect to it,

Also there is a slight play on the same shaft.

It all started over a year ago when I went on the highway at high speed with 4x4 mode still engaged which cause clancking noise and oil and smoke to come out of the diff, when I stopped I managed to dis-engage 4x4 and continued driving ok.

The car been driving fine ever since but lately I reffiled the oil which came out after about 100miles highway driving,

Other than oil there is NO noise or whining.

Because I have a long drive this week I won't be able to open it, my questions:

1. For lubnrication can I just inject some grease inside for the time being? If so what type?

2. Is it safe to continue driving with it as it is? The fact that there is play in the shaft does it mean the bearing is shot?

Does that mean it could be eating into the shaft?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Leaving the 4x4 engaged when on the highway shouldn't cause a problem. The fact that you had smoke coming out of the diff probably means that it was dry already.


Do not put grease in the diff. I would just fill it up with oil as needed.


The play in the shaft means the bearings/bushings are shot (probably from being run dry)


At this point I would guess that the whole diff is smoked and it doesn't really matter what you do to it.

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Might be cheaper or easier to find one out of a J/Y being that its sounds shot. How many miles?

As far as still driving, well, the longer you drive with one broken component usually means the longer you go the more you will end up replacing. Right now you know the diff is shot, if it seized, it could take out the half shafts jacking up the wheel bearings ect ect.

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