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Seat Movement how prevalent

Seat shift, cluck, movement poll  

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Well the poll will not register my vote. I have had no problems with either of my trucks and there is not anyway to vote for no problems when it comes to the area of have you been able to fix this issue. All places have to have a vote or the poll will not accept the vote. I have leather power with memory, heated and cooled seats with drivers alert on both of my trucks and the seats are solid. If there are no problems then I could not have had it fixed.

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I noticed when I first got my truck some slight movement a few times when going over real rough dirt roads. However... it hasn't happened in a while. I think because I adjusted the seat position around some since...


I do think seat position (higher or lower) has an impact on the movement issue you guys have..

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Definitely a problem with my GMC. I have brought it to the attention of my dealer more than once, who's service writer agrees there is movement, but manager says is normal. Normal for a truck with 200,000 miles maybe. Very troubling.



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