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OBrien19's 2014 Double cab LT Z71 Build


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Well, after only the truck for a year now, I decided that it was time to show all the changes that I have made in year one. If i was smart, I would of started this thread when I bought the truck, but everyone knows how easily it is to get side tracked when you have a new toy. Last May I decided that I had enough of my crappy ford taurus and decided to trade it in, and buy a new Chevy. I went with the V6 because I live in the city, and will never come close to towing more than 7000lbs that my truck is rated for.


Here the truck is the day I picked her up

Day the Truck was bought

Not long after picking up the truck, I added a tonneau cover, side steps, and In channel visors.

IMG 1149

around october last year, I decided to be brave and try to retro fit the Airraid MIT intake designed for the 5.3 V8 to the V6 engine. At that time, I didn't see any other info on whether it had been done or not. I like to think that I was the first to attempt, but I could be wrong.

Another Shot of the Airraid MIT

Another shot of the intake installed.

Airraid MIT Added

I would say that I did notice better throttle response after the intake went on. I also installed a K&N High Performance filter at the same time. That was really my last mod before the winter came.



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Once I knew that spring was in the air, I began a whole new shopping spree for my truck. (With the wife's blessing of course :D ) I really wanted to order new rims for my truck, and my original idea was to black out my truck, but the mrs did not approve of my truck being all black. She preferred chrome over all black, and no matter how many times i explained the old"chrome don't get you home" line. She would roll your eyes. So long story short, happy wife equal happy life, and I went the chrome route.


First thing I had to do, was to level out the truck.

Installed Rancho Quicklift Kit

I installed the rancho quicklift struts up front, and the matching shocks in the back. Took a good 2 hours start to finish. Would of taken less, but I got caught in the rain..

Another angle after Quicklift was installed.

After Rancho Quicklift installed.

Few more shots after everything was installed, and sitting level. My next step was to upgrade the lights for my truck. I went and found some replica LTZ Projectors, I really tried to find factory, but couldn't justify spending $600 a light, when I bought my replicas from 1aauto for $450 for the pair.

Installed LTZ Projectors

I've also added chrome handles and mirror caps that I purchased from a member on the forum. I don't have any before and afters of those, but you can see them in some of the photos above. My next major purchase came with the wheels. I really loved the Sierra 20 AT rims. I was lucky to find a chrome set for cheap through a store on ebay. Paid $825 shipped.

Replica Chrome AT 20s

While waiting for the rims to get hear, I decided to look into having my front and rear bumpers powder coated black. I got a quote for about $200 each, but there turn around time was 10 days, and I couldn't have my truck with out bumpers for that long, so I decided to plastidip the front and rear bumpers.

Front Bumper Plastidip

Final Product


The final product turned out ok, but it wasn't as glossy as I would of liked. So when I have more down time, I might just paint them gloss black myself.

After patiently waiting for the new rims. (took 2 weeks, due to being sent the wrong rims the first time). I didn't wait long to get the new rims and tires on. I decided to go with the Cooper Discovery AT3s in the stock 20 size for our trucks. I didn't want to worry about my speedo being off, but at the same time I wanted a more aggressive tread than the Goodyears that came with my truck.

New Wheels and Tires mounted

Full Side view after new Rims

Angle Shot of new Look.

Cooper Discovery AT3 tires

My final mod that I don't have any pictures of, is my Blackbear tune. I must say, that the tune was by far, the best investment with my truck. The shifts are nice and firm, and the V6 really moves now.




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Surprisingly no, the guy actually wait d with the police till I got outside. Very apologetic. Second time my truck has had damage to the driver side bed. Old lady two months after I bought rear ended me, and now this.



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Thanks guys. I'll find out how much the damage is in a day or two. My only concern is where the bed meets the cab, the gap on the driver side is now smaller than on the passenger side.



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Now that my truck is fixed, after 5k worth of damage, I decided to continue with the mods. Decided to install a 32 inch LED bar behind the grill.


First I drilled a 3/8 inch hole into the shroud supports



Then using installed some river nuts to give my light bar a mounting point





Mounted the light bar.




I aimed the bar down a little for now, and will determine a final aim later on. Here is everything out together





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Wiring this thing was a major PITA. Trying to get the wires through the grommet in the drivers side firewall was a challenge. Since I have the center console with two 12 volt ports, I decided to sacrifice one to hide my light bar switch. I was able to pop out the port and install the switch.




Don't mind the dog hair and mess, finishing the bar was my main priority today. Nice thing is I can close the cover and not hit the switch





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