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Battery Drain

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Need your help, my battery wont hold a charge. I have ran a load test and it shows a week battery also wont charge over 11.5 volts. I will take it to Walmart tomorrow to have them test it and replace if need. I haven't driving the truck much in the last year. I try starting it once ever 3 weeks. I connected a meter to test for a battery drain and it show 1.16 milliamps then drops to .34. What's the normal drain for a 07 chevy crew cab?

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First off, personally I wouldn't take it to Walmart. Not saying that it's no different than going to Autozone to test it, I just for some reason can't trust anybody at Walmart in the shop part. I also wouldn't buy a battery form Walmart either, just keep hearing the batteries don't tend to last like they should. Maybe it's different for some, just from what I hear and have seen. But, if you said the load test showed it was weak and can't hold charge then sounds like you just need a new battery. Letting the vehicle sit like that will shorten the battery life among other things.


So I would just go to Autozone and have them test it. If you do need a new one then the Duralast batteries are good. At least for me they've always been good for me. I know the platinum one is a hybrid between a regular battery and an Optima.

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Sounds like a bad battery to me.


For what its worth I have a car that sits for extended periods of time with a ac delco battery from 2007.


My buddy has a AC Delco Battery from 2008.


Both cars fire right up.


I normally use Rural King Batteries because I buy a few a year and they are dirt cheap.


You will only find two manufactures of Batteries in the US Exide and Johnson Controls So I feel like buying either is a 50 50 crap shoot. lol

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On 9/7/2023 at 9:55 AM, jaystone10 said:

Well after many years of haven a battery tender it won't crank now. I ohmed pin 6 and pin 14 and have 60 ohms. I thought my bcm was shot but now im not sure. All fuses and relays are good under the hood. Not sure where to look next.

silverado.docx 4.43 MB · 17 downloads


I know this is an old post but just keep in mind that any battery will only last between 1-5 years at most. If it last longer, you're just asking for it to straight up fail out of nowhere on you.


I would recommend using something like AAA (if that's something your area offers) to get a battery as it's around the going rate, has a 3 year warranty, and they come out to wherever you are located to test/replace it.


Past this, I hope replacing the BCM or Fuse Block fixed your issue. I would've done more testing myself like jumping the battery directly to the starter to make sure the battery and wiring/etc is okay, to rule out those items - but that's just me lol

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