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2017 HD Hood Conversion

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Looks promising for the 2014-15 guys. This truck looks to have the original 1500 hood with the HD front end. 


BTW, 14GMC15, you did your hood swap at a good time. The prices are quite a bit higher than when you got your hood. roughly $1150 shipped from gmpartsdirect now

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Looking to pick up a 2015 high country 1500 sometime in the near future and my first mod was going to be a full hd front end swap with a 17' hood on it. Anyone know what all is involved past just the headlights, grill, and bumper? See some stuff about the mounting brackets and such. Would love to get the ball rolling with this mod.

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My dealership was kind enough to look everything up for me, but I think they gave me Chevy hood hinge numbers because they are different than what you posted here. 


My question is,  they also listed the hood latch, is that necessary? Or will the 1500 latch work just fine?

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Does anyone know if the hoods from the 2015 Sierra and Silverado are the same fit size wise. ?im asking because I i found some pod light hood mounts cheaper for the 2015 Sierra but idk if they will fit my silverado. Thank 

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Thanks. Well technically they did fit, but they were not specifically for the 2015 Silverado. I just had to place them a different way. But end result was the same . At least for right now lol
Got any pictures?

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Here are the pictures guys. 99879028-186B-4C4F-A01E-EDAD73847843.thumb.jpeg.ddc0c401ccf4a8cd3b484d51152490ad.jpeg99879028-186B-4C4F-A01E-EDAD73847843.thumb.jpeg.ddc0c401ccf4a8cd3b484d51152490ad.jpeg

See how the bolts didn’t go in correct slot. So I placed the brackets so that bolts are in the inner side of both slots. And just tighten back down. Feels really secure anyway. Not like the slots where sealed off anyway on the original placement.

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