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New 2014 GM Truck Recall Covers Electric Steering Glitch

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By John Goreham


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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

Back when electronic, or electric, steering replaced hydraulic assist, many drivers worried that if the electric motor that adds the power steering input was suddenly disabled the vehicle would lose control. Manufacturers poo-pood safety concerns, calling the new systems "fail-safe." Today, GM has announced a huge recall of about three-quarters of a million 2014 model year Silverado and SIerra pickups because the electronic steering may fail and the driver may lose steering control, possibly leading to a crash.

- Background on GM electric power steering here.


The NHTSA recall website explains the problem, saying, "The vehicles may have a temporary loss of electric power steering (EPS) assist, especially during low-speed turning maneuvers." The result is explained as well, as, "If EPS assist is lost and then returns, the driver might lose temporary control of the steering wheel, increasing the risk of a crash."


GM will follow the law and notify all owners of the problem by snail mail. However, like all manufacturers, GM has a recall lookup website. You can access it here. The plan is for GM dealers to simply update software. There is no mechanical problem according to the information provided.

- Please, check out one of members' excellent background story on this topic in the comments below. Thanks 97 Sierra SLT!

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Back in 99' when I first bought my 97' K1500, there were thousands of complaints on the NHTSA website regarding this erratic "jerking" of the steering wheel. GM introduced this particular electronic VSS system (variable speed steering) in 1997. This VSS system was used in the C/K series trucks as well as full size vans for certain and other GM makes/models. There was not one recall or TSB issued. GM must have paid off NHTSA handsomely to bury this as it would have affected millions of vehicles.

There is a steering column mounted potentiometer that feeds an input signal to the ECM to indicate steering wheel position and an ECM controlled solenoid valve on the back of the power steering pump that will increase/decrease line pressure to the power steering box. The principle is at slow speed, the ECM allows for you to easily turn the steering wheel. As vehicle speed increases, it takes more effort to turn the steering wheel.

I spent years figuring out how to remedy this erratic jerking of the steering wheel without trying to break the bank. I ended up taking the potentiometer off the steering column and taping it to the 12 o'clock position so it could no longer rotate. In essence, I was tricking the ECM into thinking I was always driving in a straight line. This helped as the frequency of the erratic jerk in the steering wheel was decreased, but it did not completely solve the problem.

The next step was to see if I could retrofit a power steering pump and power steering gear box out of a 1996 model C/K1500 into my 1997, thus completely bypassing the VSS system. I couldn't justify the expense and knowing for certain it would work as GM changed the steering geometry in 1997.

I owned this truck for 16 miserable years and would not let anyone drive it as it was far too dangerous. This POS was a true rolling death trap. When I eventually sold it, I told the new owner about this erratic VSS system and made him sign a release of liability waiver before handing over the pink slip.


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I have had this happen 3 times while in reverse. mine has actually shut the truck off while in reverse. i live on a very busy road and always back into my drive. i have been thankful that all 3 times that i haven't gotten run into when it happened. looking forward to the fix.

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I just bought my 2014 Sierra and have noticed this "glitch" and wasn't really sure what was happening. It happened as I was coming up to my drive that's in the middle of a mild hill. I would pull just past the driveway and reverse into the driveway. As I started turning the steering wheel I felt a jerking a sudden loss of steering and then a drop in RPM's followed by the steering wheeling jerking again and the steering wheel regaining control. I wasn't in any danger but was definitely taken by surprise. I called the GMC dealer I bought the truck from and they just told me if I had heard any strange noises or seen any fluid stains beneath where I park my truck? I said no. I felt like they were not being honest and that they did not answer my questions at all. Hopefully this recall would help resolve this issue.

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I just called my dealer and the service dept said the remedy isnt available yet and that they will notify owners once its available.

Fix sure is available. Have done a half dozen this week.

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What's the fix? Hard to believe a software update will fix everyone's problem. Especially since some changes were made after the 2014 year to remedy electrical issues. If GM knew about a problem that could affect everyone's steering and the fix was just a software update, they should've already done it.

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I recently purchased my 2014 Silverado and it was on hold from the dealer until the recall was completed. After I purchased the truck they held it for about a week and a half. They told me the repair took around 30 minutes to do.

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