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2019 Yukon having trouble starting

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We have had a 2019 Yukon Denali XL for a couple of weeks, and the only miles we have put on it are driving back and forth to the dealership. First blip was a cracked windshield that we noticed a couple of miles from the dealer (we’re willing to put that down to bad luck). Because of the crack we didn’t drive it for the first week we had it, and when we tried to it wouldn’t start right away. It would crank once then stop, then the next attempt the motor would start but nothing electrical came on (no instruments, stereo, and it wouldn’t come out of park). Next attempt it started but the CEL was on and we got notifications for “service engine” “service traction control” “service adaptive cruise”. We tell the dealer and they said they would check when they fitted the windshield.

They said it started fine for them, so we can pick up. Went to pick up and it wouldn’t start for the service dept.

It stayed with them for another week and all they did was check the grounds and replace the battery. Problem solved right? Wrong. My wife got home and the very next time she tried to start it the same thing happened, but this time it took eight attempts to start.

We haven’t even registered it yet and we’re sick of it.

Any ideas/advice?

We had a 16 Denali XL from the same dealer and it was great for 120,000 miles. We also bought a 19 AT4 from them when this was in the first time and a few other vehicles over the last three years, so we have a pretty good relationship with the dealer...



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Off topic, and none of my business, but I'm curious - if you don't mind my asking, how did you manage to average 40k miles per year on your 2016?

Seems like you just about lived in that one!  LOL



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I've got a 2017 Yukon Denali XL that is having injector (misfire) issues and has a very intermittent rough idle and the warranty / dealer isn't giving me the answers or the repair I think is required to make it go away. First GM product for me in 25 years and not the best impression. I also recently bought a 2018 Camaro 2SS with the same block and it drives like a dream. I've been seriously considering trading in for a 2019 as it seems that they don't suffer the same issues but maybe they do?

The wife and I really like driving this truck for the kids, the stuff, the Costco trips and so on but...

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We are having this same exact issue on our 16 ~42k miles

The first time it was exactly as you described it. I also couldn't get it to turn off and had to disconnect the battery to get completely off.

I did have the car in the kieo position, with music playing, for about 20-30 min, but it wasn't the first time I did that, so I found it really odd, that it would die that quickly. 

The 2nd time, my wife had ran into the store came back out and it did it again. It was able to turn off.

The 3rd time, today, it was slightly different, nothing flipped out, stereo/displays, lights,  retractable running boards, all worked fine, but, gave an error to service the trailer/towing system. I was also able to turn it off.


After the second time, I went to the local Reilly Zone Parts store, and had the battery tested, checked out fine.


The only thing I can guess, is maybe something is grounding out somewhere, since it so sporadic about how and when it does it. With the exception this has been all within the last 2 weeks. 


If I can, I'll give a good look around underneath this weekend, to see if any wires might be exposed.

I also may just replace the battery as a bandaid fix. Since some cars are really funny about batteries when there is a lot of electronics or electrical issues.


Edit/Update 26 Sep:

I looked around underneath checking the wiring harness for any cuts or splices, did not see any. 

I also checked all the connections that I could see by squeezing and making sure they're fully seated, and I did find 1 that clicked, like it may have possibly been not fully connected by a pin or two. So we shall see if that did anything. Fingers crossed. 

If it happens again, I'm replacing the battery.





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I have a 2019 Yukon that has had the problem you describe about engine starting and no electronics turning on TWICE now.  Please get in touch with me.  Dealership didn't find anything the first time, and it's sitting there again now as the problem showed up again 5-6 weeks after the first time.

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