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my 2020 GMC Canyon - DuraMAX - Build/Performance thread

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I apologize before we start for the length of this post - I am doing it more for my own documentation & maybe something I do will be of interest to my fellow truckers - & I am always open to learn from you - so don't be shy about sharing your ideas. 


I just purchased a 2020 GMC Canyon Duramax on Saturday - was a surreal experience during the COVID outbreak.  Technically I bought the truck "used" however it only had 204 miles on it when I drove it off the lot.  Apparently someone at GM drove it for a day & I got it at a SIGNIFICANTLY DISCOUNTED PRICE - no I will not say the price - but it was an amazing deal.   I also negotiated an extended warranty - bumper to bumper for 8 years & 160k miles.  NOT TOO SHABBY.


I plan to use this thread to document all of the stuff I do as well as anything I like or don't like about the truck over the years. 


 First order of business was to break in the engine  *GASP* Yep I believe all the hype about getting the rings to seat.  One of the main reasons I bought this particular brand of truck was the available diesel engine.  Diesels are just the best engines out there for towing - even tiny little diesel engines.  I tow a fishing boat at just under 4k lbs loaded.  I tow a 16ft car trailer & a 5x8 utility when I go kayaking.   So I hooked up the boat & drug it around for a hundred miles - fast & slow, up hills & down.  I'll do that about a million more times before I sell the truck - so might as well get it started.  My main fishing hole is about a 45 minute drive from my house & I plan to go fishing every single day that is warm enough & my wife wont freak out - especially now since I can't play poker with my friends & I can be alone while fishing. 


I do not go off road - other than the occasional romp around the yard.  I do need 4x4 - winter sucks & it's just necessary.


I've started the catch can - but need to wait until later this evening to finish it up (need a new length of hose & COVID is keeping me from going to the parts store). 


What I am thinking about doing.....

1) Nothing that will void my warranty - its just too good.

2) Finish the catch can

3) Pin stripe - I have done the hood (pics soon) - I tried adding a pin stripe to the sides, it looked OK - but honestly it looked a little cheap, so I pulled them off.......I'm considering a different color stripe - Show me your pin stripes!

4) Alexa - I have already connected the truck to Alexa - so now I can basically do anything the MYGMC app can do through voice commands from my house or phone. 

5) Gun mount -  Please send me any pics if you have done this!  I want to add my concealed carry to the interior of my truck. 

6) Not sure if I will do it - but it looks really cool - Tesla 12 inch display.  I will need to make sure I pay off a CRAP ton of other things before I drop a grand for a new screen - but it looks pretty cool.   

7) Tune - I have yet to start looking - but if I find one that doesn't kill my warranty & increases my MPG's I'm in. 

8). Swing away toolbox - I already have one - just need to install it.  I like that it's low profile & will fit under the lid. 

9) Truck bed cover - I'm VERY picky about the appearance - If I dont find one I like that isn't a crap ton of money I'll make one myself - more to come 

10) LED strip under the tailgate - I have one of the cheap chinese ones that plugs into the towing harness - Does anyone know how to hard wire these without messing anything up? Is there a plug available I can buy so I don't compromise any wires?

11) Rust Proof - it will be done before winter - I'll either pay a Ziebart type place or do it myself - depends on my mood. 

12) Storage, internal & in bed storage.  This truck is much smaller than the F150 I traded.  Plus my F150 had a large toolbox.  I want to keep all the necessities with me in case the SHTF.


What I am thinking I will not do......

1) Lift - at least for now - it just isn't necessary for me.  

2) Delete - as much as I would really like to do this - 160k mile warranty says I won't. 

3) No roll bar, not going to soak it in off road lights.  I like that look - but not on this truck.  

4) I'm keeping the air dam - for now anyway.  One of the coolest things about this truck is the mpg - so I don't want to reduce that - even by 1


That's my story - at least for now on day 2 of ownership!   Thanks in advance for all the great advice I am sure I will get over the coming years.  



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If you love gas mileage, you’re going to be happy.
I have 36000 on my 2017 Canyon long bed and my trucks lifetime mileage, including getting stopped in bumper to bumper, towing a 4500# boat/trailer is 27.1 mpg.

On the Canadian Highway 17 I got 39.4 mpg over 50 mile rolling Average. It took an 8% grade to make the tranny downshift while doing 60mph.... it’s a happy little motor.

I do go off road and it likes it. Narrow than a full-size, and short wheel base, I can get in and out of places that make the big trucks shy off.

My lease is up I. October. Not sure if I’ll do the canyon(2.8l duramax) or the Sierra (3.0l duramax). I do miss the bigger box. I have a friend with the 3.0 l who really likes it(prior vehicle was a 6.6l duramax.

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Two things, never heard the term build thread and extended warranty in the same sentence before, maybe accessory thread? Second, a catch can is already a warranty causing issue. There have been multiple threads out there of GM (and other brands) denying warranty work for one if it causes the issue which is why they were denied. A tune will no doubt deny the warranty, they can track it... Food for thought, enjoy your new truck. 



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All tunes will kill your warranty.  


Catch can, if there is an engine issue, or the can/lines to the can freeze and over pressurize the PCV = kill warranty.  Seem some reports in the GM gas community of this.  Mainly due to where the can is routed (not near engine heat).  So just be careful with that.    

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