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Wireless charger condensation

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I Got me a used 2020 AT 4 the other week and I've noticed that when I jump in and Crank the AC  condensation starts forming on the wireless charger. The charger definitely gets cold to the touch so I’m thinking there’s an ac air leak underneath. 

im wondering if anyone else has seen this before, if it’s a simple fix, or do I have to take it in for repairs. Pic is from the other morning when I got off work at 4am. 


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Iirc, there is an air duct running near there that is different from vehicles that don't have wireless charging.  It's possible there could be an issue with that air duct.  I've torn into there before doing some custom work, and currently have the parts ordered to install wireless charging on my truck.  I do believe an air duct was on that shopping list. 

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