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What is considered normal DEF usage for a 3.0L?

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I have taken my truck in twice to have it looked at for what I consider excessive DEF usage.  My truck is a 2021 Denali that was a dealer demo that I bought with 3200 miles on it.  The truck now has 11k miles on it and I have had to add 10gal of DEF.  I asked the service person what was considered "Normal" DEF usage.  The service rep stated that my usage was considered normal.  When I asked what was considered excessive, he stated that he didn't know.  


Little more background.  I have yet to tow anything with the truck.  Most of my driving is back and forth to work with one trip from Colorado to Alabama.  From what I have read on these forums, my usage would be considered normal if I was towing, which is understandable, but is this acceptable under normal conditions?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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I don't have much faith in the def level indicator.


Did you top it off to make sure it was full when you started measuring miles?  

Same as determining fuel consumption - must fill the tank, drive a bunch of miles, refill the tank -- then miles driven divided by refill amount.

Point is if it's wasn't full and 3200 --and/or not full at 11,000 we can't accurately calc mpg. 

If it was full at both, then it's (11000-3200) / 10 = 780 mpg 


What has the fuel economy been over the same period?



Mine was not full when delivered.

At 733 miles I went to a def pump location and topped it up. 


Since then it's been refilled twice - both times at a metered pump. 

Total miles 13,248  (since the top-up at 733)

Total def refills 42.7L (11.3 gal)  --- this ignores the first top-up at 700 miles 


def mpg 13248 / 11.3 = 1172 

First fill gave a little over 1400mpg, second was 900 something.

2nd fill had more towing, so more fuel  -- and more fuel burned requires more def.

Average fuel mpg (life of truck) is about 25.5 




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I just topped off DEF Friday. 45467 miles/28.68 gal DEF = 1585mi/gal. It used more DEF during the summer months as it got hotter. I haven't towed anything, just lots of highway miles.

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Definitely agree heat affects it more than fuel useage. Towing just creates more of both, but I use less towing at night in cooler temps than midsummer days.


For example, I used barely any def towing 5000 lbs with 1000lbs in bed for 800 miles to Florida in cool temps. 
Same trip in the heat unloaded used way more def.

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