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Sudden oil leak

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My 2012 Silverado with 61,000 miles has suddenly developed an oil leak within the last couple of weeks I think. There is oil on a lot of surfaces which can be seen in the photos. It seems like it's coming from up high on the left side. I pulled the larger inspection plug and the flywheel and torque converter are dry. Any thoughts will be appreciated. 










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How recently did you change the oil filter? There were isolated reports of the rubber gasket on the oil filters leaking due to incorrect torque when installing. GM put out some new guidance for the oil filter, I can't find the PDF but it was something like, only 3/4 to 1 full turn once the rubber gasket makes contact with the mounting surface. 

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Sorry for the delay in a reply, I didn't have my email notifications set correctly. I did clean everything off and let the truck sit for a few days - no new drippings. I then idled it for ten minutes and the dripping soon started from what looks like  high up on the driver's side. See oil on the transfer case shaft in fifth photo. Seems like the only way oil gets there is dripping from up above. No oil around filter as far as I can see. I take the truck in next Thursday for an air bag recall so I'll have the dealer check out the leak then. Wish I could find the cause before that. Thanks for the suggestions. Oil pressure sensor or valve cover gasket could be it.

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I believe on my engine the camshaft sensor is on the left front of the engine near the timing cover so that's not the leak. I finally took the truck in to the dealer and they could not immediately identify the area of leakage, so they cleaned up all visible oil, added dye to the engine and asked me to come back in in about 500 miles to hopefully scope it out. 


Another possibility from what I've seen in forums might be the valley pan gasket on top of the engine. Not a fun thing to get to. 

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Yeah yours is on the front, the older GEN 3 engines is on the rear for the cam sensor.


The valley plate/VLOM is another possible thing, not as common but could be it. They aren't bad to replace, just takes a little time to get the intake manifold off.

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I had the truck in to the dealer a couple of weeks ago where they cleaned everything up and put dye in the oil. I took it back yesterday for them to check it out and was told this morning that the leak was coming from the head gasket which involves a teardown and $2300 charge. Any thoughts anybody?

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