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Strange RPO codes.

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Hello every one.


I would like to say that this is a great site with a lot of infomation, the members really know their stuff. I recently went from owning a 1994 GMC K2500 Ext. cab 6.5 TD :sick: to buying a 2001 Silverado Ext cab 5.3 :thumbs: . I wish I would have made the switch $12,000 ago. I think I'm in love again :cheers:


My question is, would any one know what RPO codes R9Z and 7ZP would be? I have searched high & low for these two and can't find them any where.

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?????? I am sure GMtech will have more when he posts.





Not really. :cheers: I have no idea what those various sales codes are, and there are others that are just as odd and I've never really seen an explanation for them. Same with the suspension codes. I suspect they're just the springs that are in the vehicle and not really an "option" per se.

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Yes,Some of the RPO codes are for assembly plant usage only.

They are used for certain suspension items or option packages.

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Thanks for the help guys.

GM-tech the vin is 2GCEC19T211131582.


Not to complicate things or to add to this thread, I bought this truck as a toy and to tow my 24' traveler trailer that weighs 5,000 lbs. as per the owners manual, it says I can tow 8,300 lbs. I knew what I wanted when I went looking to purchase this truck. I wanted the tow package and looked for the RPO's listed below. All other options it came with I was considering as a bonus.

5.3 (LM7)

GT4, G80.

VR4 hitch.

Z82 (Trailer Provisions special equipment H.D.)

Z85 (Chasis Package Increased capacity)

JC5 (7200 lbs 4 disc)


Here is the punch line, this truck has a gross vehicle rating of 6,200 lbs (Q4B) as per the RPO :seeya: If I could have done this again, I would have burnt the diesel, used the wifes Astro van to tow the trailer and bought a mid 60's chev

C-10 and had a real toy.. Live and learn..lol. :chevy:

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