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Is Your Gmt-900 Truck Or Suv Using Oil

Is your GMT-900 using oil  

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I just burned 1 1/2 quarts (Mobil 1 5-30) in 2,000 miles. I'm starting my oil consumption test starting this next Tuesday. My local dealer says that they replace the drivers side valve cover with a larger or differenct PCV valve and then on to pistons and rings if needed. So I'll see how this goes..

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New to the forum and in the process of purchasing a new truck. Wanted to know if you would 1) Buy a 5.3 L again? and 2) If you did, would you disable the AFM?


I'm looking at a 2011 Crew Cab with a 5.3 L in it. Not planning on doing any heavy towing.





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New to the forum and in the process of purchasing a new truck. Wanted to know if you would 1) Buy a 5.3 L again? and 2) If you did, would you disable the AFM?


I'm looking at a 2011 Crew Cab with a 5.3 L in it. Not planning on doing any heavy towing.






1) Yes


2) Yes

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Another update from my last post here.



Oil level just below 2nd dot on dipstick

61% on oil monitor

46020 miles



Oil level between 2nd and 3rd dot on dipstick

53% on oil monitor

46854 miles



Add engine oil light came on

Level at add mark.

50% on oil monitor

47112 miles.


I'll be heading to the dealership on Monday 7/25 to have them record this again.


The last thousand miles or so have been mostly highway. Therefore cementing my theory that this engine uses more oil when the AFM is activated during long periods of driving.

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I just had my '07 sierra re-ringed last week at the dealership where I bought it. I have 64k on it now and started to see the problem around 30k (or earlier) when my check oil light came on during a long road trtip.


What I found with mine is that it would burn a lot more oil during long interstate trips. In 400 miles I could easily use 1/2qt!


Once we did an official consumption test the dealership added a deflector shield in the oil pan. They told me that this has fixed 80% of the vehicles they see. When they inspected the vehicle at this time they found one cylinder was completely fouled and not firing. In fact, they broke the spark plug off when trying to remove it. They let it sit over night with a solvent in the engine to remove build up.


After this I was not going to back down from having it re-ringed. As anticipated the deflector didn't help at all. It took awhile for me to positively determine this as I needed to take a long trip.


I am happy that they stepped up and did the right thing now all I need to do is what to see if it gets better...




I have 1,000 miles on my truck after having it re-ringed and it has not burned a drop! I have yet to take it on a good road trip to really see how it performs but will post when I get those results.


I have been wondering lately if my oil consumption, ring seating issue, was actually caused by me changing to synthetic oil... Has any one talked about this? I bought the truck new and switched to synthetic at 10,000 miles. I really didn't notice the problem until the upper 20's but that was because I was having it changed at the dealership. The first oil change tha cost me $75 I started doing it myself. HT efirst two times I changed the oil it was low, then all of a sudden my oil light comes on a road trip which appears to be 1-1/2 quart low. Well just wondering if anyone else has seen this relationship with synthetic.

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Hello GM Trucks members. I am a long time GM owner. I currently own 3 Chevy Trucks; 90 5.7L with 170K ,03 5.3 2003 Suburban w 127K and now an '09 Suburban 5.3. Do all my own Mechanical work including changing oil. Guess which one consumes 2 qts between changes?


I bought it used with 19K on it 1 year ago. Now has 35K and shows 50% oil life left. Already down a full quart.

Very disappointing.

My '03 went to the dealer for the famous intermediate shaft grease run around 3x so I put in a Borgeson aftermarket. I still have the factory front brakes and rotors on it. Point is, the '03 has been great.


The '09 has already stranded my wife with some "stabilitrak problems" and now this oil burn denial. I guess its time to start the oil consumption run around that GM knows so well.


Anyway, wanted to take your poll...thanks for listening.

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Forgot to add I use conventional 5w30 with a 1/4 qt of Lucas per change. The AFM must be kicking in alot, because whenever I drive the car I look at the MPG and my wife gets high 17s and 19+ on weekend trips. Same trip in my '03 would be 17 MPG and 15 around home. So, at least I have money left over for OIL.

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I'm doing my oil consumption testing and Used 1 qt in 1800 miles. Now the dealer has me doing the test one more time. I have already used 1/2 qt in 500 miles this time..


My question right now is this; what is the fix for this problem..I read here that nothing that the dealer does seems to work IE; oil pan baffel, left side valve cover with a different PCV valve, decarboned rings, new rings and or new rings and pistons, and new valves.


If someone has had this issue resolved or fixed I would like to here from them. My dealer told me that once they replaced the left side valve cover with the new improved model and then replace piston and rings the problem is solved.

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