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My Favorite General Motors Vehicle.


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What was/is your favorite Chevrolet or GM vehicle past or present?


My 2nd car was a 1950 Chevrolet Bel-Aire. Paid $20.00 for it. And it was as nice as could be. A real little old lady car.


And guess what? A bench seat with a manual column shift. Light blue and white. The options in those days was a radio and a heater. Both of those this car had.


My more modern GM cars that I liked the best were my Chevettes. Ordered first one new. $2,656.00 delivered.


My best "luxury" car was my used 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix. You guessed it. Bench seat and column shift. Darn fast car. And comfortable. Crushed velour covered seats from factory. I think I paid (used) around $3,200.00. Grand Prix was 4 years old when I purchased it. But like new.


And my 1990 Chevrolet 1500 truck. Used. Paid $3,800.00. Kept that one for 10 years. You guessed it. Bench seat. But floor mounted shifter as it was a manual transmission.


And yours?

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1973-1979 Chevy/GMC Pickup. Still have my '76 that I'm using as a project restore.

2003-2006 GMC Pickup. What I'm current driving

1980's S-10/S-15/Sonoma (ext cab version preferably)

1969 Pontiac GTO

1950's Chevy 3100 pickup

1988-1998 Chevy/GMC Pickup (ext cab) Fleet side bed


These are a few of my favorite things...

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'95 Caprice Classic wagon LT1; fast, comfortable, and surprised more than a few people on the road with that thing!

'99 Z28 6-sp/LS1; manual fun, and once I upgraded to 17" SS wheels/tires, a more than competent handling car (in some cases, better than my 'Vette).

'04 'Vette coupe LS1; auto cruiser that was very competent at higher speeds (>110 mph).

'11 Silverado CC 6.2; all that practicality with a hint of Camaro/'Vette in it, especially since I upgraded to 20" wheels/Michelin 275/55 LTX2 tires. Honestly, you didn't really think I was going to give up all things LSx when I went to a truck, did you?

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1992 Chevy S10 2 Door Blazer 4.3L V6 4X4


My dad has been using one to plow with for 8 years now and it pushes snow like no other, keeps up with the full size trucks and can turn around in some tight spaces. Just bought 2 more from the city of virginia beach plan to plow with them for another 10 years at least. :fingersx:

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Favorite Gm car that i owned was my 2000 Trans Am 6 speed..lowered 2" 17" wheels... had all BMR suspenion goodies sub frame connectors panhard bar stb etc.

Always loved my dads 1961 Impala bubbletop..283 4bbl dual exhaust..he bought it new sold it when i was in high school..90-91.. really loved the black 1963 Black Chevy pickup..saw pictures of it but it was long gone when i

showed up

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My favorite is a 66 Chevelle. My sister had one when I was in High School and amazingly she would let me borrow it quite often.







These imo are the sexiest cars ever. Wanted a grand national since I was a little kid.



My Dad has a 87 Grand National that he bought new, still is mint...eventually it will be mine... :drool:

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My current 2011 Sierra crew cab 4x4....I am and have always been a truck guy. I love the newer GMC trucks...GM is on top of their game with their trucks right now.

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1969 GTO JUDGE ram air4 convertible 4 speed.


no I don't have one but want one.


I do have a 1975 Trans Am 455 4 speed that is a lot of fun to drive though.

Just finished restoring a 1969 Firebird for my brother.

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