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New member from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Hi, my name is Phil.

I finally joined after lurking around for a while! I am the proud owner of two GMC Sierras. A 2000 Sierra 4x4 and a 2011 Sierra All-Terrain with the body colour package.gallery_113963_1827_164260.jpg This was just after I installed the factory style fender flares. It also has Flowmaster dual exhaust on it. It's a little rough around the edges thanks to Canadian winters and salt, but I plan to never sell her.



http://www.gm-trucks...827_1042726.jpggallery_113963_1827_1042726.jpg This is the 2011 Sierra All-Terrain. I love the body colour package. I am thinking about powdercoating the wheels at some point as well. It now has the GM black tube steps and GMC mudguards installed.

In the near future I am thinking levelling kit and a grill guard as well as maybe accenting the chrome emblems and rub strip in red.

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hey welcome to the site its awesome and has a ton of info, could u take a pic of the black tube steps i am about to order some but havent seen a pic i just found out i could get them in black yesterday

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