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Some dune pics


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not a great video, should probably have the volume down during it but this is what the dunes are like on a good day, you can hear me step on it a few times shoulda turned the damn radio off but it was louder in the video than i thought it would be. dont mind the shaking its hard to drive with one hand and bumps are unavoidable. btw the jacked up ford at the 5 minute mark to the left was stuck hahahahhaa




























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im glad i got them for half price, im uploading a video right now, not the greatest but i did it for people who havent seen the dunes, the music bumps and wind sound are more annoying than i thought it would be though lmao

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Awesome video! You did a really good job on holding the camera relatively steady for driving over bumps at the time. The first song that was playing on the radio was very fitting for the video.

I wish we had something like that around here......Maybe I'll have to drive out to Michigan sometime.

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What is test hill like now? A few reports I've read from others say it's much steeper and peaky-er (I don't know how else to describe it :lol:) than years past and that it's extremely tough for a long wheelbase rig to make it over. I know I'll just find out myself tomorrow but curious minds are curious! :lol:

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It was super peaked last weekend I won't go up it I do every hill but that one just for the fact quads and buggys abuse it and I'm not dealing with an accident, I know my truck will make it I'm just smart about where I go. Just hit the open sppots that have a lot of tracks and you'll be fine, there's literally spots dug out where everyone goes.

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