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Hello from DPLarson


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Just thought I would say hello. I might switch to this forum from another forum. The one I was on has some good info but all the full size SUVs are together so it can be like finding a needle in a haystack to find GMT800 info. Also, it is Chevy specific so no GMC guys there. I would rather be where the GMT800 section is not overwhealmed by other versions and includes both Chevy and GMC so here I am.


I signed up some time ago just so I could PM some users about possible bluestar deals. That never worked out but now I think I'll just be frequenting this forum instead. Also I don't seem to agree with a lot of what some of the moderators post over there so maybe I'll fit in better here. And no, I wasn't a trouble maker and I didn't get kicked out. Here's hoping for good things here...


I have previously owned a 1996 K1500 Suburban with a 350, I think that was the first year of the Vortec but at that point I think it was mainly just a name. Actually speaking of names, that Suburban was a GMC Suburban, not a Chevy. It was a good rig but I don't miss it.


Now my ride is a 2006 Chevy Suburban LTZ 1500 6.0, 3.73 gears, fully loaded, rear seat DVD, touchscreen nav, backup camera, video input into the TNR800, Audoride, Escalade IPC, K&N CAI, upgraded Curt hitch, etc.


New and old 'burbs on trade in day



My Springdale camper in Springdale MT.

I was parked here to get a pic of my Springdale camper next to the Springdale MT sign pointing to my camper.


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