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How far do you live from home?


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So I'm bored right to the moment and it has left me to thinking....bad thing sometimes...


How far do you live know from where you were born/grew up/from?


Due to military living I'm currently living in Georgia but originally from Pennsylvania. So taking the roads I currently live around 1,000 miles away from where I was born. Since I also moved my state of residence to Alaska, I could also say I'm about 4,500miles from "home."


What about all of you?

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A year ago I was in the Air Force. I was at Eglin AFB, Florida. 2200ish miles from home of Bakersfield, CA about 45 minutes west of Edwards AFB. Now I'm back but live about 10-15 minutes from family. Close enough for a small drove but far enough that they wont just come over


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900 miles, a shade under 15 hours taking my time and trading convenience for a few extra miles of driving (sticking to the NY throughway instead of I86/I88 makes stops for gas and such faster because it has the service stations right on the highway). Grew up and lived in the same town in NH till March then moved to Michigan.

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