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check engine light bulb replacement

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2004 2500HD chevrolet. CEL was on but went out while driving. Had the truck at the stealership for some other repairs and they said that the CEL bulb was burnt out but that it could not be repaired, in order to get it on again would mean replacing the whole cluster. Is this true or am I able to remove the cluster and solder in a new bulb?

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As stupid as this sounds I pulled my cluster to pull the bulb out and ditch it (been on since 2009) and there was no bulb I could find


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There are people on ebay who can rebuild the clusters but honestly I've never heard of that before. Does the light come on during prove out when you first turn the key to on?

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They said it would be $65 for the repair plus shipping costs. I find it hard to believe that I cant do this myself. Really I just need to know what kind of LED/or regular bulb to buy.


I ahve seasrched the web thouroughly and I have found a lot on replacing the dash bulbs behind the guages but nothing on the warning lights like CEL and battery light. Those seem to be stock LED.

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They are LED and they'll be soldered onto the circuit board. I am not sure how easy that can be done unless you have some serious soldering experience.

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Turns out the previous owner yanked the CEL LED out of the circuit board and now nothing can be soldered in its place, I had thought that it was on but I must have just imagined that. So I am living without it and just scanning regularly for codes.

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      1. P0036 - heated oxygen sensor heater control circuit bank 1 sensor 2
      2. P0037 - same as above but says circuit low
      3. P0056 - same as above except bank 2 
      4. P0057 - same as above but says circuit and bank 2 
      5. P0138 - oxygen sensor circuit high voltage bank 1 sensor 2
      6. P013A oxygen sensor slow response Rich to Lean (bank 1  sensor 2) 
      7. P013C -(Same as above but bank 2 sensor 2)
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      9. P014A sensor delayed response Rich to Lean, Bank 2 sensor 2
      10. P0158 oxygen sensor circuit high voltage bank 2 sensor 2.
      11. P0161 Oxygen heater sensor circuit bank 2 sensor 2 
      12. P0300 random- multiple misfire detected 
      13. P0430 Catalyst western efficiency below threshold bank 2 
      14.p0443  Evaporative emissions system purge control valve circuit 
      15.  P0446 Evaporative emissions system vent control circuit 
      16. P0458 Evaporative emissions system purge control valve circuit 
      17.p06DA  Engine oil pressure control circuit / open
      18. P3401 cylinder 1 deactivation / intake valve control circuit / open 
      19. P3403  cylinder 1 deactivation / intake valve control circuit low 
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      26. P0036 Heated oxygen sensor control circuit bank 1 sensor 2 
      27. P0037 Heated oxygen sensor control circuit low bank 1 sensor 2 
      28. P0056 heated oxygen sensor Control circuit bank 2 sensor 2 
      29. P0057   heated oxygen sensor Control circuit low bank 2 sensor 2 
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      My issue is a little bit different however none the less an annoying one. So yesterday i bought some led bulbs off amazon to replace the dome lights in my truck, i got them opened them up all looks good and then go to put them in, and as i did they turned on not an issue however they where to small so i have to return them, i put the old one back in and not lights in the dash and dome lights are acting up. So it was the left front one i tried it in and took it back out no others. Now none of the lights turn on by the button inside the truck. (door lights and turning them on by the small switch which turns them all on works just fine. when the door is open i can now turn the light off by pressing the button. now those issues are a little less of a bother to me, however the radio (which still works perfect) now has no lights, same with the driver info center buttons 4wd actuator light and the lights on the steering wheel lights. All the buttons however still work perfect it is just the lights. Any help is much appreciated !
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      So does anyone have recommendations for what kind of LED bulb I should go with, one that works good in the reflector style headlight housing?
      Looking for a simple bulb swap, I think you should be able to just swap the bulbs out right?
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