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Random CEL & Service Traction Control / Transmission Warning --> Then Disappeared

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I was driving yesterday (35-40 mph) and out of nowhere the CEL came flashing on and the display said something to the effect of (service transmission, service traction control, and forward collision system disabled/unavailable). Having not even logged 5,000mi on the ODO my stomach sank. I continued along driving and dismissed the error messages. I came up to the next red light and the CEL flashed a few more times, then went away. 


Absolutely zero performance issues before / during / after the warning lights / messages.


I have met the forward collision system unavailable message before, but that was due to a small bit of ice on the windshield back in February. 
Has anyone ever run into this before? 

I'm in MD and the pollen has accented the onyx black paint into what looks like a bumblebee's rear end. Could excessive pollen blocking a sensor be the culprit? 


I love the truck (major upgrade from the 2011 Subaru), but it would be a real shame if I'm going to have to make regular trips to the dealer to fix issues like this. (i guess that's American engineering for ya). 


Appreciate it if anyone can share a similar experience and what ended up happening. 

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Flashing CEL is a misfire warning. That is normal on any brand and is part of OBD2 systems. Take it in, misfires will be recorded in the system as to which cylinders are acting up. TC and stabiltrak warnings will appear anytime a CEL is triggered.

Forward collision will set a warning if windshield is dirty or obstructed and may be linked to another issue in the onboard systems. 

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