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Price paid?

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Recently test drove the Sierra SLE here in NJ.. Salesman offered it for $500 below msrp, That offer and fact that it's made outside the country sent me to Ford for a look see and I wasn't completely convinced. Since I already own a 2003 Silverado ( not for trade) I ended coming back to the Sierra's for another look. I'm heavily leaning towards it after repeated visits to dealer lots.I plan to purchase between now and end of February. How much below msrp have you paid for your new trucks. Your answers will be appreciated by me and countless others.

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Sounds like my local dealer in Jersey also. $500 off MSRP because I was a loyal customer. Had to laugh because we bought 2 new trucks in 2008 and got all of our service done there. Went to Pennsylvania, dealer located the truck I wanted and took $3800 off MSRP.

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I got my 2014 Silverado LTZ for a littler over $2,000 under Invoice before Private Offer and Trade-in offer using the strategy described here: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance/1001920/?start=0

Overall it took about 2 days of emailing/negotiating with dealers and then once finalized I spent only 30 minutes in the dealership finishing up the deal. Highly recommended.


My Truck:

MSRP: $47,995
Invoice: 44,709

Price Paid: $42,669

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I received a quote on an Sierra SLT All-terrain truck that is $50,450 MSRP. The quote was $43,900 for the truck with 20" rims. for the 20" chrome rims it was $46,000


No Chrome regular 20" $6,550 off or 13% off MSRP


with Chrome 20" rims, $4,450 off or 9% off MSRP.


Haven't even discussed trade in. I'm liking the $6,550 off, but I want the 20" all chrome rims. I definitely don't think the chrome rims are $2,100 more.


I'm going in to 'look' this week. Realistically, I'm thinking on waiting until end of Oct. (When my private offer expires) Also, did anyone get a discount with the Costco membership?

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