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Front strut replacement issue



About a year ago I purchased and had a 5" rough country lift put on my 2008 short wide Chevy. I have loved the lift and not had any problems with it so far. A day ago I replaced the front struts with Rancho RS7000 mono tubes as the factory struts were worn out (about 80,000 miles) and I retained the factory springs. Installation of the new shocks were not too much of a problem but after a few miles the nose of my truck significantly dropped! Headlights are pointing at the ground absolute difference and not in a good way. What could have caused this and what are some potential ways to fix this problem? It has me baffled. It rides noticeably lower in the front, A arms have 0 angle in them where before there was a little angle. I did not change anything in the suspension set up except new shocks.

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