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help: bad idler arm sound?

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Hi, I have a 2003 K1500 4x4 with 50K miles. Just a day ago I noticed when applying the brakes a scraping sound coming from the front end. It sounds like a continuous even metal-on-metal scraping, or like the sound of water running thru household plumbing.

Once I get going the sound ceases, but when braking and for a little while after I let off the brake, I can hear that sound. There is some "klunking", like in other posts, but that is not really felt thru the steering column. Another sound I'm hearing (for 3 or 4 years at least) is upon braking a pulsing sound as if something is rubbing on the disks or the disks are not perfectly true (which I attributed to normal brake


I happened to have an appointment at a dealership today for my required annual NC safety inspection. The mechanic there told me the idler arm needed replacing. He said my brake pads and rotors are in good shape.

My question is: Are those sounds really consistent with a bad idler arm? How does a bad idler arm result in that kind of sound?

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