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Switched from Toyota to GMC Sierra after 30 Years

Bill Zizzi

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I have owned nothing but Toyota trucks and SUV's for the past 30 years, when it came time for a truck I traded my 2011 4R for a 2014 CPO Sierra 1500 CC Std bed 4X4 Z71 with 5.3L and 3.42 rear.

So far I am enjoying the truck, I hear Toyota owners bashing the American made trucks but after talking to true GMC and Chevy truck owners who have nothing to say but good things about their trucks
I decided to give one a try. To be honest my last few Toyota's were far from trouble free, Had transmission, torque converter, manifolds, fuel gauge sending unit replaced on 2002 Tundra before 30K mi.
Had front differential and axle replaced on 2011 4R due to internal bearing failure at 46K mi. Did not abuse or take off road either.
I needed a V8 truck to pull my boat and after driving a Tundra I liked the Sierra better so here I am. Time will tell if I made the correct choice.

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Someone ban this guy....you are only allowed to come here and bash the new trucks and discuss how you're giving up GM for Toyota.


OP welcome, I too came over from Toyota. Like many others, a former Tacoma owner who wanted something more luxurious, more spacious and offered better mpgs while offering significant more power. Toyota does make a good truck, but the bulletproof reputation of Toyota is overstated. My Silverado is no worse than the 2007 Tacoma it replaced. Only area my former Tacoma beats my Silverado is the resale value.

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I wanted a CC with the 6'6" bed, something toyota does not offer.

Also when looking at new and used Tundra's I noticed the used trucks had rust bubbling through the bed

around bolts that hold bed to frame. One was a 2013 with 30K.

Did not want to deal with rusty truck in a few years. Toyota makes a good truck but they do not seem any better

than GM from my past experience. My Sierra definately has a heavier frame than the Tundra and a much better ride. MPG of Sierra kills the Tundra as well.

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I like my GM truck better than my brother in laws Toyota truck, we go out every Saturday nite and switch of driving. He's since traded for a dodge, not as quiet as the GMC. As far as made in the USA, Tundra is made in Texas and some GMs aren't, just for your info.

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