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New to site but I've got problems with my work truck I recently bought a long block 5.7 vortec from summit. And I also bought the updated fuel injection setup I also replaced the fuel pump the mass air flow sensor and fuel filter. It ran about thirty min. And developed a hesitation when I come to a stop then I would have to feather the throttle and it eventually would snap out of it and accelerate normally. So today I drove about twenty miles out to a place I ride dirt bikes and it was the same thing hesitated at every stop light until I got back into town and stopped at the only light and then it started missing and sputtering instead of hesitating and it is strange because it idles fine soon as I try to give it gas it starts dropping one or more cylinders and it doesn't stop missing I checked the wires and distributor cap rotor they looked perfect I did replace the distributor when I changed the motor also so it has maybe 3000 miles on it as well as the motor fuel pump  water pump. I just changed the mass air flow with a new one last week. It's not showing any check engine light but I can barley get it to go. It misses so bad if I give it more gas pedal I intermittently back fires through the intake sounds like I'm am stumped I check the grounds I checked for vacuum leaks I need to get this thing running it's the only thing I have to drive for work.  And I took last week off to fix the rear axle and put new brakes on the van along with new fuel filter and. MAF SENSOR.  Please if someone can help it would be great to have this thing fixxed so I get my jobs finished thanks 

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    • By jwroch
      I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ, with a 5.3L engine. There is approximately 145,000 miles on the engine. I have a misfire on the #3 cylinder. I have replaced the induction coil on the #3 cylinder, but I still have a misfire on this cylinder. My mechanic says that the lobe on the camshaft is worn and the camshaft needs to be replaced. 
      I would think that if the lobe on the camshaft is bad then other lobes would also be bad, a defective camshaft.
      Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing the misfire.
      Thank you in advance for any advise the you can provide.
    • By The Pig Dusters
      Okay guys I bought this truck from a dealership in September. It was used and I got a 30 Day warranty. After the 30 day period, this is what’s happening. I got in my truck and noticed a rough idle. My truck would shake and out of no where the check engine light starts flashing and my traction control light comes on. I took it to my buddies and we got a P0308 Misfire Detected Cylinder 8. So I did some research.. I also had a code which was P219B. Air/fuel mixture ratio. 
      I changed the spark plugs.. didn’t work. I moved coil packs.. the misfire didn’t move. So we watched Live data on the scanner and injector 7 was acting up. So we replaced all the injectors on that side and this truck is still missing.. I’ve ran seafoam through it and cleaned the throttle body and MAS.  My buddy things I have a valve issue or something wrong with the cylinder…
      there is no AFM deleted or anything of that sort. The truck has worked flawlessly until now. 135,000 miles on it. The rocker arms all
      looked great.
      please someone give me something to try. I just want my truck fixed lol.  
      posting a link below of what it’s doing…

    • By mmm98
      I have a 1994 Chevy C1500, 5.7L engine.

      My truck idled high and I finally got around to replacing the idle air control valve. This didn't fix the problem and it continued to idle high. I determined the issue to be a vacuum leak, so I replaced my vacuum hoses and checked connections. I tested by spraying carb cleaner and the engine still bogged down at this so I cleaned the throttle body and made a new gasket for the throttle body because that one was falling apart. After doing this, the truck began idling extremely low. It threw the EGR code, so I have since replaced the EGR valve and EGR solenoid. Neither of these fixed the problem. Next on the list is to replace the throttle body gasket along with the distributor cap and rotor. Additionally, my truck will also struggle to accelerate. 

      The confusing part is this- there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to the low idle. Sometimes, the truck idles in park at 800-900 RPM and is able to adjust the idle to the load of the AC being turned on. Other times, it idles in park at what is most likely 300-400 RPM because it doesn't even register on the gauge. It does not seem to have any consistency as to if the engine is hot or cold- it just seems to be whenever it feels like it. This evening, while working on it, it started straight up once and idled great at 800 or so RPM and handled AC and headlight load. While the AC was running, we unplugged the wire that makes the AC compressor run- this dropped the RPM down to around 700 and it never recovered from that. The truck was turned off and started again. This time it idled around 700. Truck was turned off and started again- this time it idled around 500-600. The truck was turned off and now it had to be given gas to start and idled low, around 400-500. 

      Any ideas to explain what is causing this? We are all going mad trying to troubleshoot this and figure it out. We've checked so many things and nothing seems to be causing the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By kevin camps
      driving a 97 k2500 camper special, 4l80e with 454 vortec
      couple days ago I got in my truck after work and noticed it would stumble when hot, 100C no problem but a little bit warmer and i would have issues. always under load during acceleration. got home and idled in drive and it felt like an obvious misfire, RPM would drop to about 500. pop it in neutral or park and no misfire or stumbling, its been confusing me since in the mornings when i pull it out the garage it has no problems all the way to work (5 minutes highway and 5 minutes city) but end of the day and evening- same issue
      bought the truck with 268km now has 276, oil change every 5000k.
      did fuel pump (48psi at idle now) FPR, distributor cap and rotor, plug wires and plugs, ran seafoam through the intake and in the fuel tank.
      ive heard of distributor gears going south but id assume then i would have the issue when cold too. runs like a top at any temp below 100C, no engine light, plugged the scanner in anyways and no codes whatsoever.
      any help is appreciated, looked through forums for a couple days now but nothing exactly like what I'm experiencing.
    • By Jerome Leberer
      Hey guys and gals,

      Long time creeper, first time poster. I currently have a 2011 silverado 1500, with 163,622 miles on it. It's a 5.3 vortec engine. It smokes from the exhaust a light blue exhaust that's mixed with a grey/white exhaust. It stops smoking after roughly 10 seconds of running. Haven't noticed it while driving. It also doesn't smoke every start-up. It rough idles when in park. I replaced the plugs and wires a couple weeks ago, and I started misfiring on cylinder 8 after the change, before the change it was cylinder 5. The only codes it's thrown is for the misfiring. I also pulled plug 8 after the codes to check it and found oil on it. I did a combustion gas leak test and the liquid stayed the same color (blue). I'm starting to lose my mind. Any thoughts, suggestions to try? Also, as of now....I've noticed no loss in power at the moment.
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