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2017+ L5P reliability. Post good & bad

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This truck is my job....if it doesn’t work neither do I......This morning the dealer told me it would be next week before they could get to it! No thanks, I’ll regen it myself! They said that there’s another identical truck doing the same thing and they’ve already thrown 3 DPFs in it. The customer picks up the truck, tows a 10,000 lb load up I-70 through the Eisenhower Tunnel and the truck goes into limp mode! Customer drops the truck back off and picks it up a week later. &repeat &repeat&......Apparently an engineer from GM is trying to figure it out? What a colossal waste of my time and money. 

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I have a customer using a 2017 silverado 3500ltz for hot shot hauling pulling a 40 ft gooseneck. now has 217k miles and on the 3rd set of headgaskets, 1 new head,4 exhaust valves, and an egr cooler with all the plumbing. this truck WILL NOT regen while driving. Has to be mznually regened every weekend.dealers have no clue except to charge him $300 a crack to regen when the warr. ran out.GM has no clue why this truck won't regen while driving. Has had the ecm reflashed7 times with two replacements due to internet errors that locked up the laptop and ecm.There is no aftermarket on any gaskets for this POS. Have to go to the dealer for all of it.I'm in northern ohio about to leave for southern kentucky to manually regen this truck along the road. has an extended warr.purchased at the dealer thats only good at that dealer.This truck is going to be traded in on a Ford asap!!!!!

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63,000 lost injector 7, 72,000 miles lost injector 5, replaced connectors on both, had no idea of the ECM issues.  Right now my trick is down with low voltage going to half the injectors, some one please tell me a re program of the ECM will fix me replacing injectors again.  Do I need to order a whole new ECM?

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My experience has been somewhat of a nightmare.  Mostly on the quality side.  I bought it in July of 2019 with 9600 miles and now it has 32000 miles.  I havent had many problems with the engine itself but the jury is still out.  Below is a list of parts that have been replaced on my 2017 2500HD LTZ and the symptoms.


Power steering pump - making grinding noise while turning normal (i.e. it still makes noise when locked left or right, pretty normal for all pumps).  Took the dealer two visits and me driving with the tech to diagnose.

Fan clutch - AC would not work when outside temp over 100 DEGF, no engine overheating.  Took the dealer 3 visits to figure it out and of course it was out of warranty when they found the problem.

Water pump - After having the engine block heater recall done I would get the low coolant notification about once a week.  Top it off and a week later it would come back.  Dealer said they saw the weep hole dripping under pressure. 

                         They replaced the water pump and a week later the low coolant notification is back.  Probably a bubble in the system somewhere but they cant get the fill procedure correct I guess.

All front diff bearings replaced - When 4H was engaged there was a loud whirring noise.  Dealer replaced all the front diff bearings.  On the test drive after replacing they heard something in the transfer case.

Transfer case chain, drive and driven gears replaced - After replacing the diff bearings they heard something in the transfer case.  They opened it up and found the chain was loose.  They replaced the chain and gears.

Oil pan replaced - oil was weeping from the front of the pan.  After the third visit they found the leak.  They replaced the oil pan and resealed

Drivers side mirror replaced - The chrome cover and body were not matching up leaving a large gap.

Plastic strips between the cab and the bed peeling off - the first dealer wouldnt replace despite being in warranty.  The second dealer replaced and 5 months later they were pealing again.  I finally asked the dealer to just remove them.


The only thing I have had to pay for is the fan clutch which i only paid 40%.  I have been fighting with GM corporate for 6 months now about the quality of the truck and the fact that in the last year and a quarter they truck has been in the shop a total of 70 days.  This doesnt include the low coolant notification coming on three days ago.  That will add another 3-7 days most likely.  It blows my mind that GM cannot recognize that a power steering pump or a fan clutch, for example, should last longer than 25K.  They keep saying "sir, it was fixed under warranty" or "you only paid 40% of the cost", like they did me a favor.  The truth is those components should last at the very least 80K.  I realize it is all about money, I get it, but when you pay $60K for a truck that is touted as "heavy duty" you should expect those components to last quite a bit longer.


This is just my experience and reading about everyone's positive experiences gives me hope that things will start looking up for my 2500.

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