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Service Stabilitrak & Traction Control - SES

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I bought a Certified Pre-Owned 2010 Sierra SLE 5.3L (LC9) Vin code "3" about 3 years ago. It's stock besides a front leveling spacer on the strut, no aftermarket electrical.
The truck will intermittently go into limp mode with "Service Stabilitrak & Service Traction Control" displayed on the DIC (No SES Light).
Eventually when the CAN bus reboots the SES light illuminates. After clearing the codes it drives normal until it happens again.
I've had it happen on the freeway, in park, on normal surface roads, over bumps, doesn't seem to be a reason why or when it occurs other than outside temps.
The odd thing is it only acts up when its warmer than 60 Degrees outside, this winter she drove fine without a single hiccup. Which tells me it
might be an internal module failure...
However, I've had it happen in the same spot on the way to work several times.
When I pull the DTC's it's from modules that lost communication on the high speed CAN/LAN buss or modules requesting MIL because of no ability to communicate.

U0073 - Communication Bus A OFF
U0100 - Lost Comm with ECM
U0101 - Lost Comm with TCM
P0700 - TCM Request MIL
P069E - Fuel Pump Control Module Request MIL
U0140 - Lost Comm with BCM
U0121 - Lost Comm with EBCM
U0102 - Lost Comm with Transfer Case Cntrl Module

- I've replaced the battery (Optima Red Top), cleaned the terminals and cleaned Mega Fuse. Tested Alternator with a Midtronics GR8
- Cleaned the Grounds on the Front Engine Block, Fire Wall, Chassis under drivers door, front frame by radiator. (Hood to Firewall ground strap missing)
- Removed the UBEC fuse block and swapped relays, no corrosion, applied dielectric grease.
- Removed the TPA lock on the TCM/ Trans connector, checked for backed out terminals or ATF leaking. Found nothing abnormal.
- Checked the Harness from the TCM going up to the Engine Block, nothing abnormal.
- Checked EBCM connectors & harness, nothing abnormal
- Checked FPCM connectors & harness, nothing abnormal
- Replaced 120 Ohm Terminating Resistor (Twice)
- Checked ECM connectors & harness, nothing abnormal
- Checked BCM Connectors, nothing abnormal
- Checked harness on top of engine, nothing
- Using a DLC Break-out box, I have 60 ohms on PIN 14 (CAN High), but haven't been able to test when it acts up.
- I can talk to most modules with my scan tool when the CAN bus is online, if I plug it in just after the bus went down, I cant communicate and have to wait until the bus
reboots to clear the codes and get back on the road. I used to be able to clear the codes "on the fly" while driving but it seems like its taking the bus longer to reboot
as time goes on.
Just ordered new Positive and Negative battery cables, and the Hood ground (not sure why the hood needs a ground)
Could the VCIM module be bad?

The truck is pretty much babied since I've had it, I change the oil myself every 2-3k (fear of AFM issues).

Any help is much appreciated. I'm running out of ideas.

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    • By mark97213
      Greetings all.  I sure would appreciate any members thoughts on my ABS Traction control nightmare that I'm having, I just can't seem to get ahead on this one.  2006 Avalanche 1500 4x4 LT, 108k.

      Started out as an intermittent ABS and Traction Control lights activating with the "service stability" in the display.  They would stay on for five minutes driving down the highway, then turn off for a half hour, then back on.  All intermittently.  Ran a scanner, no DTC's.  I tried a different scanner but still, no DTC's.  Cleaned up the grounds and Decided to replace the front hub assemblies with the sensors because they're almost  the same price for just the sensors.  Still getting the warning lights on.  Replaced the rear sensors but it helped none.  So, not much left so I replaced the ABS Module.  Had the Dealer Reprogram and still... ABS and TC Lights are illuminating.

      Could air in the brake lines cause this weird abs problem?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • By roadrage201
      I've got a 2012 Silverado 1500 Z71 and I'm disgusted with it. The trouble started when my 4wd would not go into 4 Auto and would barely shift into 2hi and 2lo. I received a "service four wheel drive" display. My local shop pulled the code that basically said the front differential actuator was faulty. I cant remember the exact code.. anyway, I changed the actuator (very easy fix...I thought). The problem persisted. Now, I'm not sure what prompted me to do this, but I pulled the encoder motor from the transfer case. As I was doing  this, the motor bumped into the t case and arced. This is when the lights on the 4wd knob went out. So, after that I bought a new encoder motor. I also replaced the TREC fuse. It had popped, I'm guessing, when the arc occurred. Now, after all this, not ONLY is my 4wd auto STILL not working, but my dash is lit up with the same "service 4wd system", but also the "service trailer brake system", brake light and traction control light. I got the codes read again, and it is displaying U0121, Cannot communicate with ABS controller. I have inspected the ABS controller connection for corrosion and loose fitting as well as checked ALL fuses. I tested the grounds and hot wire pins. I also tested and cleaned the chassis ground connection on the frame. All good. I suspect that the OBD2 needs to be reset but I'm not sure.  Anyone have any suggestions?
    • By dal1980
      Hopefully you guys can help me out here a bit.  I have a 2014 Silverado CCSB Z71 5.3 with 38000 miles on it.  I was driving to work this morning and had the reduced engine power alert come up in my DIC along with the stabilitrak light.  I pulled over, shut the truck off and re-started a few times with no success in clearing the codes with drive cycles.  While driving, the transmission was banging gears pretty hard and the torque converter was clunking worse than "normal, by GM standards".  I got to a good spot to park the truck and that is that for now.  I am anticipating a tow to the dealership as I am about 20 miles away from it now for what will hopefully fall under the powertrain warranty as my bumper to bumper was up 1 months and 2k miles ago.  Anyone have a similar problem with this or any insight as to what it may be.  Im iffy on driving it home to scan it, as I dont want to compound any problems.  I drove the truck Saturday night, probably 60 miles on the highway with no issues and it sat in the garage until this morning.  Help me out, internets!
    • By ObscureGlock
      I want to apologize in advance for the length of this... I just need to point out the details. It’s time GM does something for us who own 2014-2015 models, trucks I’ve dubbed "the engineering guinea pigs" thanks to personal experience and the myriad of complaints in this forum.
      Good day to all of you. I’m presenting you an issue that is causing more concern to my safety in my truck than holding a gun to my head. Starting this off by stating I made the grand mistake of taking my truck in to get the steering update instead of checking ground connections myself. Doing this update bit me in the ass within a week of getting my truck back. Let’s just say that after I received my truck from the dealership in far beyond worse condition than I sent it in with, I’m getting consistent and far worse problems after updating. My truck shut off on me completely, losing control of steering and everything, while approaching a red light at about 45 MPH...with my younger brothers in the truck. I took it to the same dealership that same day, and they weren’t able to do anything. I was beyond frustrated. I’ve never had any vibration at any speed until my service. Now I’m getting vibration at 70mph. When I lightly press the brake, I’m hearing a rotational sound coming from my left front wheel, my mechanic says it’s the bearing but with our trucks having sealed bearings, I’m going to be looking at an $800 hub assembly. Just this Saturday, I made a 45 minute drive up to Ft. Lauderdale and as I arrived, I noticed my engine was producing a sound almost like a lifter noise, even though the dealership serviced my lifters(or one specific lifter, not clear at the moment as to what it was). When I got back in my truck after a few hours, I had no lifter noise...WTF? This is getting out of hand.
      Here's the part that has me worried: ever since my update, my volt meter is below the half mark all the time (never happened beforehand) and I noticed that my headlights flicker and dim, along with my dash lights sometimes. When I press my brake and use my turn signals, the lights dim significantly and brighten back up but flicker. With my turn signal, my headlight dims when I engage it and as it blinks, my headlights dim and brighten with the blinks. Just the other day as I was backing up out of my buddy's house, my backup camera froze and I got a "service rear camera" message on the display. I’m so confused, how does an update manage to mess up my truck? I'm beyond pissed. The only good this update did was actually improve the shifting slightly, even though I’m still having that infamous 1st to 2nd rough shift. Other than that, this update makes me want to tell GM to F-off and move onto ford or something. Yes, I’m that serious. I’ve been a Chevy person all my life, the majority of my family owns Chevy's... this is just getting out of control. I've searched up all these forums about this and haven’t found too much. Already have links saved and screenshots of individual posts about all this, but I need more insight.
      Did I make the mistake of buying a first-generation truck? I’m not looking forward to pursue legal action, which will end up costing me an arm and a leg, on top of that I probably won’t benefit much from it. Realistically, I’m also not looking forward to switching sides just yet. I want to make sure I’ve exhausted all my efforts before I make a drastic change like that.
      This was my dream truck... and I was beyond blessed to be able to own it, and I had so much plans for it. Now? It’s looking like a nightmare, and I've got the urge to get rid of it.
    • By SpeedRacer350
      I have a mystery:  I get the ABS and Brake Light error warning lights ONLY DURING REGEN.  The speedo, all gauges and the brakes work fine.  The lights go out after restarting, but will come back if regen is still happening.   I can pull the following codes:
      C0055-0f invalid data received from electronic brake control module - signal erratic U0100-7f lost communication with engine control module bus - signal erratic  
      I've checked all the chassis grounds, battery grounds (all .3 or .4 ohms) and the condition of both batteries (both 12.7 volts after sitting over a week).  I have replaced the vehicle speed sensor to no avail.  I'd like to think that the EBCM is not bad since it works fine when there's no regen happening.  However, I still need to check the ground to it's connector.  And I am open to replacing it since it's only $130.  So, here are my questions:
      Does anyone know the ground pin(s) of the EBCM connector? If I get the exact EBCM unit, does it have to be reprogrammed for a 100% stock truck? (stock wheels/tires) Does anyone have access to any dealer TSB for this condition or have any other insight?  
      the truck:  2013 GMC 3500 Duramax, dually, crew cab, SLE, 4x4, only 25k miles, clean and pampered
      thanks in advance!

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