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Stihl Chainsaw Owners

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Recently purchased some Stihl HP Ultra 2 cycle oil.

I noticed it no longer has fuel stabilizers in it.

When did this happen?

Stihl getting cheap?

Price didn't go down of course.




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I've been running it and haven't noticed any difference in shelf life or performance differences. They still require the purchase of it at saw purchase to extend the warranty so they must have faith in it...currently.

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I always add a little SeaFoam to the fuel mixture used for my Stihl 2-cycle chainsaw, Weed-Eater & Blower/Vac as well as my '94 Lawn-Boy Gold mower fuel mix.


Seems to help.

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I emailed Stihl about this.

There reply,

Hello Mr. XXXX,


We are in receipt of and thank you for your e-mail.


Stabilizer was deleted from the refining process of STIHL HP Ultra engine oil because stabilizers only have a marginal effect regarding shelf life extension of mixed fuel. Before modern fuels were augmented with the additives currently used, stabilizers were a much more effective product regarding extending the shelf life of gasoline. Nowadays, stabilizers only extend the shelf life for a matter of days rather than weeks or months.  


Thank you again for your e-mail.


Best regards,

Wayne Lemmond

Technical Service Representative




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I mix my own with premium gas, 91 octane here and Stihl HP 2 cycle oil.

Run the saw out of gas when stored.

Never had a problem.

Use the same mix in my leaf blower that gets used year round.

Used to blow off deck when light snow and clean driveway to keep from tracking stuff into house.


Also they run rich here at 9200 feet.

I don't let them bog down, full throttle.


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I don't mind they deleted fuel stabilizers but the price is still too high as for me. I prefer to use something else instead of Stilh HP Ultra. Unfortunately, I have some troubles with my chainsaw as it regularly wedges and produces weird noises that make me feel uncomfortable. Almost the same problem I had with my scroll saw which is a great tool too cut various materials, not just wood. Lucky for me, I read an interesting review about best scroll saws today on https://mitersawjudge.com/best-scroll-saw-reviews-and-buying-guide/ shared by Paul Sellers (you should know this guy). Probably going to buy one of them because I need this tool in my house.

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For 40 years of ROW work carrying crews to support my clearing machines with weeds eaters and chainsaws. That were used for fence lines and areas not accessible by machine. We used the proper mix and corresponding cans so no mixing mistakes were made. Later just using the Amsoil mix when available. After retirement and keeping an old saw for limited service. It’s probably at least 20 years old. I can say without a doubt the premix they sell at stores like Home Depot are worth the money. The gas in my saw tank right now is at least 2 years old. So is the qt can next to it. I can say without a doubt I can start my saw in 5 pulls after priming. And it’s a stihl.

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