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Your best 25/50/400 mpg

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Gas engine....  18.2mpg, 17.7mpg, 15.2mpg for 400 mi.


The 18.2 and 17.7 were set at the same trip, descending from the highest point in Ohio.  Couldn't believe when I saw that number on this truck.


The 15.2 was not set on a highway road trip, it was putting back and forth to work on rural roads.    Not surprisingly, the 80mph interstate driving trips don't give as good of mileage as my 50-55mph commute.



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Folks - I was seeing my mileage at 18 - 20 mpg - up until I had to replace my battery?

Not sure if it is a coincidence - not I seem to be averaging about 13.2 and best is about 16.

I have about 70K..

2014 GMC Sierra SLT.

Any thoughts?

Clean the fuel injectors?

Add an aditive to tank to clean the fuel system?


Thanks in advance.


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8 hours ago, ewbldavis said:

14, 14, and probably 14 ?


My "best" was at 17 when I bought truck...it's since changed to like 14.


Maybe it's issue with truck, or my driving style, or whatever - but she's a thirsty bitch. I love her anyway. :)

sumbitch can handle anything though!

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On 12/17/2019 at 9:58 AM, SILVER SLED said:





On 12/17/2019 at 9:44 PM, Ryno12 said:

These can’t be HD numbers?!


Sure they can....

When a Cdn truck is set to inch units instead of metric, it displays mpg for 31/62/404 instead of 25/50/400


My L5P currently is at

31  - 34.1

62 - 29.8

404 - 24.4


It has lots and lots of full tank averages over 20 mpg which means 600 miles between fillups.  On flat 2 lane with no wind I get the 'last 31' over 25 regularly.

Yes, it does lots of steady state driving with cruise on.

No, it doesn't tow much. 


DEF is a little over 1100 mpg.


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