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Lift kit advice?

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On 4/28/2020 at 9:53 PM, Mike Sams said:

Lift kits are for those with tiny dicks. Theres no practical use other then making your truck top heavy and less fuel efficient 

This forum is about modding trucks. Why do you even visit here if you ****** about someone asking about modding their truck?

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8 minutes ago, Rock said:

This forum is about modding trucks. Why do you even visit here if you ****** about someone asking about modding their truck?

Can you smell what the ROCK is cookin?????

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    • By anakin14
      Recently bought a '02 Sierra 1500hd and the seller wasnt sure on the lift size. My only experience is with spring type lifts in jeeps so I'm not sure how to tell the lift size on this truck. Ive attached pictures of what looks like a upper control arm drop bracket as well as the rear suspension. Also im suspecting it may have a body lift as well, the fenders sit 47 inches at the highest point, all around. Also on 35s

    • By chevyman14
      I just purchased and installed a 3.5" rough country suspension lift with new UCA's and upper and lower ball joints.  All is well. Alignment is perfect, doesn't shake. I'm happy with it.  However, the front still sits about an inch lower than the back.  Question for you guys is how, if at all possible, can I level it out?  Thanks!
    • By Country Bumpkin 2003
      So, I have a 2018 Silverado 1500 LT Z71-Crew Cab, and I’m about to install the Bilstein part listed in the title. It says on there website that it is a suspension lift of 1.85. Is this enough to level out my truck “evenly”...???
    • By 6.2Chevy
      I'm looking to do a 6-7 inch suspension lift on my 2015 Silverado LTZ 4x4 Crew Cab. Up to this point I've had my mind set that the BDS 6.5in w/Fox 2.5 is the best for that type of kit, BUT for ~$1,000 less fabtech/dirt logic and rough country/vertex has a similar style offering.
      I've always been hesitant to ever consider RC because of the price/stories about rough ride/spacers. 
      Never heard a first-hand account of this style of fabtech kit. 
      BDS seems legit to me and complies with some safety standards, but I haven't talked to anyone about it either. 
      Fabtech and RC making their own coilovers intrigues me but I'm not sure it's worth it to cut up my truck for one of those.
      Anybody experienced more than 1? 
      Any bad experiences with any of them?
    • By G-tech
      new to this forum so if what im asking is covered somewhere else, id apreciate beeing pointed in the right direction.
      i just bought a 17 siverado rally edition. my first fullsize truck. i know i want to do a 6in suspension lift and 35"s. i do plan on changing gears to like 4.10. there is so many options for lifts that i dont know what options i should get and whats overkill for my needs? its my daily driver that will only tow ocasionally my lil datsun on an open trailer. may do some slight offroading like going on some dirt trails to get to a fishing spot. i really want the best of both worlds-still driver friendly on the street, but if i wanna have a lil offroad fun i dont have to worry. dont want the cheapest or the most expensive, somewhere in between. so thank you for any help in guiding me into what options to get in a lift and whats not necessary.
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