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Tire chains on 2019 silverado 3500 4x4 ltz



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I've never seen any vehicle, regardless of size, that couldn't take chains. As long as the chains are sized correctly for the wheel, have at it ... and don't do 70 MPH. 😁

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1 hour ago, ybab said:

can tire chains be used on this vehicle?



No.  Owner's manual is your best friend.  1 tons will use one of those two BOLDED tire sizes below from the factory.  They WILL NOT allow for chains:


Tire Chains

Warning: If the vehicle has dual wheels or 265/65R18, P265/65R18, P275/55R20, LT265/70R17, LT265/70R18, LT265/60R20, LT275/65R18, P285/50R20, 285/45R22, or P285/45R22 size tires, do not use tire chains. They can damage the vehicle because there is not enough clearance. Tire chains used on a vehicle without the proper amount of clearance can cause damage to the brakes, suspension, or other vehicle parts. The area damaged by the tire chains could cause you to lose control of the vehicle and you or others may be injured in a crash.

Use another type of traction device only if its manufacturer recommends it for use on the vehicle and tire size combination and road conditions. Follow that manufacturer's instructions. To help avoid damage to the vehicle, drive slowly, readjust, or remove the device if it is contacting the vehicle, and do not spin the vehicle's wheels.If you do find traction devices that will fit, install them on the rear tires.


Caution: If the vehicle does not have dual wheels and has a tire size other than 265/65R18, P265/65R18, P275/55R20, LT265/70R17, LT265/70R18, LT265/60R20, LT275/65R18, P285/50R20, 285/45R22, or P285/45R22, use tire chains only where legal and only when you must. Use chains that are the proper size for the tires. Install them on the tires of the rear axle. Do not use chains on the tires of the front axle. Tighten them as tightly as possible with the ends securely fastened. Drive slowly and follow the chain manufacturer's instructions. If you can hear the chains contacting the vehicle, stop and retighten them. If the contact continues, slow down until it stops. Driving too fast or spinning the wheels with chains on will damage the vehicle.




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Leave it to GM to engineer something you can't use chains on! Can't say I'm surprised ...

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