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Gas Prices


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All of the sudden overnight it went up 15-20 cents a gallon. Yesterday I went to my closet walking track it was 2.98. Today I went to the farthest to check out the gas stations in my loop they all were 3:15 to 3.20. I needed gas so I was scooping out the cheapest. After having my WTH moment. I went to the one I passed at 2.98. SOB 3.15. Kicking myself for being lazy yesterday. Not a big deal for me. People who drive for a living it’s a big deal. It reminds me of a truck driver who routinely delivered to our shop years ago. He showed up with a new rig. It was a beauty. He was in a very sour mood. I asked what’s up. They lied was his answer. He can’t afford to drive it was his answer. He’s going to make it a backup to his old rig. It was 4 miles per gallon under was he was promised. And 2 miles per gallon under his old rig. That’s all that puts him in the red. The way he had to make all his calculations to make a profit 2 miles a gallon was a killer. Until it’s paid for he can’t drive it. And more work for him to keep the old rig going. 

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So, am I missing something here? Evening news said gas is up 4 cents a gallon due to refinery cutbacks because of extreme heat. Local gas prices went from $3.47 to $3.77. Is this new math? E-85 is up a dime. $2.60. 


FCC units use a lot of oxygen which is provided by a steam turbine running a large atmospheric compressor. The hotter it gets the less efficient they are. Some smaller or marginal plants supplement this with O2 generating plants. Not idea and expensive. O2 regenerates the catalyst (burns off carbon) but the main air also fluidized the bed. FLUID Cat Cracker. The O2 plant cannot do the latter. I just adds O2 to the compressor discharge. Fun fact. 

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I saw a similar report after it went up 15-20 cents at most stations. I don’t know where the 4 cents came from. A few days later the report was expect gas to go up 15-20 cents for the summer driving season. So I expect it to go up another 4 cents. Yeah that sounds about right.

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1 hour ago, Big_Kahuna said:

are you all happy with the señor Brandon running the country , ENJOY !!


I've lived under 13 of the 46 the USA has had. Not a one of them has 'solved' a major problem plaguing humanity. Ya know, like poverty, greed, sickness, death, prejudice, hate, violence, suffering. Pretty much rinse and repeat with a different name and party on the suds bucket. Each one scrubs in a different direction than the last saying "look at me" and the smell just gets riper. 


His influence over the price of gas is minimal and short lived. Same as EVERYONE ELSE. 

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Just now, CamGTP said:

If I had to guess it's around $2.40-2.50 now, it was $2.29 before the spike in regular fuels.


I have one station, a BP that is $2.60. Most everyone esle is will into the $3 range. A dollar higher than your area easy save one or two stations. Meijers is just nuts! Yes their lot is always full. :nonod:

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