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Hit 300K On My 2014 GMC This Past Monday!

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Not sure if it's bragging or too poor to afford a new one.  Just hit 300K on 2014 GMC All Terrain CC 4WD 5.3v8.    


Truck is basically stock.  I purchased it in 2016 with 51K on it.  I immediately did oil change with Edge motor oil.  Have used Edge the entire time changing at DIC stated intervals.  A time or two I have had low oil message on DIC.  Either went in for top off or just got oil changed.  Wix filters were used up until 3 oil changes ago and my local oil shop was bought out by "Take 5"  Now I have no clue what filter or oil they use.  They stated it was equivelent to edge...I'm sure it's probably junk and I'm looking for a new oil shop. 


Part failures that I can remember:


Air condenser cooler went out at 115k.  I replaced it myself and I guess I broke a clip at the trans coolant line.  That clip let go about 15k later and dumped tranny fluid all over I75.  I buttoned it all up and then at 140k Tranny went out (was probably my fault)  A/C delco tranny in at 140k.  Brake pads at around 180k,  Starter around 200k,  Another transmission at 236k that was covered by A/C delco as the replacement had 100k warranty and didn't make it.  Second Air condenser at 245k.  Front pads and rotors around 250k.  about 4 sets of wiper blades, 2 batteries.  I have a grounding issue that I think is in the negative battery cable.  Starting to get intermittent no start/dead battery issues from time to time....re-adjust negative battery cable and it starts right up. 


With all that said.  it's been a great truck.  I've been from Mid GA to Colorado and South Florida to DC is this damn thing.  Also,  during 2021 it basically sat for a year except for vacation trips (so maybe 7000 put on truck in 2021)  I had a company vehicle.


So,  I'd like to sell it for 37k that I paid for it in 2016.  It's definitely reliable.  I'm wanting a 24 2500 so bad...but dang they are spendy.   


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A 9 year old truck with 300,000 miles and you want to sell it for $37,000? Ok that's not going to happen. Also you bought a 2 year old truck back in 2016 with 51,000 miles for the price you want to sell it now at $37,000, man they saw you coming.

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Is that 37,000 Peso's?


Yeah first thing is to clear your mind of ever thinking a truck with 300k on it would net that much money in return, not even at the peak of truck prices back a year or so ago would that have been possible. I couldn't get that asking price for my 14 all terrain 6.2 loaded truck that still looks rather new and has 250,000 miles less than your truck.


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Posted (edited)

This truck was probably never worth 37k when I bought it or new.  New trucks probably don't represent anywhere near what they are priced.  


This truck will never be for sale by me.  It will either be wrecked or just die a slow death....I do have a 14yr old......He doesn't seem interested in it. 


If someone would give me 37k for it I'd kinda be in a pickle as I'd still have to fork over another 30k for a new one.....and be afraid everytime I took off on a trip that a sensor would trip some part of the system and I'd be stuck.  With this truck I kinda know what I got.

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No idea what a range disabled is or a catch can.  I will say that after around 225k my truck does not go into V4 mode on th e DIC.  I actually get better gas mileage without the V4 mode.  It used to just go back and forth on the highway and I think it cost me mileage.  I didn't do anything for it to not go into V4 mode....it just did it by itself.

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2 hours ago, bullet225ho said:

Not sure....let me go look.






40.8 mph. Thought this maybe the case. I'm running 42 mph by this method but only 165K so far. 


Did you know that only 0.3% of all vehicles go 300K? You've got a winner. :D 

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I can't remember when AFM quit doing it's thing.  but I did put a K&N air filter on at about 175k.  From that point on I pretty much had check engine light on due to air sensing stuff.  I figured it was the new air filter.  The ABS, Traction Control has been lit up for the last 75k I'd say.  I think it has to do with negative ground cable on battery.  I'm not sure but that's also when I started having small electrical/no start issues that where solved by adjusting the negative battery cable.

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