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Unable to put correct PSI on my tires

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13 minutes ago, steve8 said:

OMG, buy a decent gauge, inflate, check, and adjust.

Do it when cold.

This isn't NASA!

The only time Id pay attention to my dash tire pressure is it were to come on while I was driving. I look at my tires before I get in my vehicle. Reading this thread and similar threads. It’s easy to understand why manufacturers go overboard with nannies and eliminate self checks like a transmission dipstick. 

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Answer is to get a dependable tire gauge and use that before attempting to get all 4 tpms to read accurately. They should be in the ballpark but it's a monitoring system to identify an inflation issue while driving.

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This. My wife’s Yukon has one sensor that for some reason just does NOT want to show 35psi. I gave up on it and just match that one to the rest with a hand gauge. 

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TPMS is really only good for telling you have a slow leak or a tire that went flat. Went to drive mine last summer and fired it up and the low pressure warning came on and showed 9psi in the right front. Got out and sure enough it was dead flat, but was fine the day before. Checked it out and found a huge BOLT stuck into the tire!

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