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what happened to GM wheels in '92?

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My friend wants to put a set of aluminum rims from the '99 and up trucks on his '90 Silverado.  There is conflicting opinions on whether or no they'd fit.  Some say yes and some say they will only fit '92 and up!!!

The '88-'98 pickups all had the same looking aluminum rims on them (more or less), but did they make a change between the '91 and '92 model years?  The bolt pattern is the same...  

Will a 99-01 rim bolt up to his 1990 without any interferance??? I offered him mine off my truck to try, but before we go through the labor of pulling one of my rims and a front and rear on of his, I thought I'd pick your brains!!!

Thanks guys...(and gals)

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Is the 1990 Truck a 4x4?  If not, forget about using the new Silverado wheels.  Those lugs are 6bolt and the early trucks are 5-bolt.

If it's a 4x4, then I would say yes, you should be able to use them fine.  I don't think there was any offset on anytime during those model  years.  I've seen several older C/K's with Silverado rims, they look fine and normal too me!



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I'm sorry I didn't clarify...

The truck is a 4X4.  

If you look at wheels for sale in ebay for example, then some say that they will work on '92 and up.  I don't see what has changed in '92 unless they went to a smaller disk or drum brake, and that the '88 - '91's have larger diameter disks or drums and the new Chevy wheels won't clear them...  I really don't know

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