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Is Your Gmt-900 Truck Or Suv Using Oil

Is your GMT-900 using oil  

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I change my truck every 3000 miles. I also own a 2008 Toyota Sienna and use Conventional and change it at 3000 but I'm going 100 % Synthetic with both vehicles now, 2008 Nissan Altima and I use  Mobil Synthetic  (that's what previous owners used)and change every 5000 and a 2010 Toyota Camry and I use  Valvoline Synthetic (previous owners used Havoline Synthetic) and change every 5000.

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^^^ This.


I rank additives with "mechanic in a can",  whiz-bang quick fixes. All 1 step below useless ... except for getting you to part with your hard-earned money.

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92,005 miles   Still going Strong 

Burns NO oil  No oil consumption, No SLUDGE..

 Engine Oil stays clean  to 4,000


4,000 Mile Oil change interval (±50 miles)

Hybrid Vortec 6.0L LFA Aluminum Engine (LS2 based)

80HP Electric  motor 

:driving:  379HP 472 ft•lb torque combined output ?


she runs a custom blended  mobil1 5w30 (5qt) & Mobil1 0w30 (1qt)


  and a steady diet of Mobil or Chevron Fuel,  91 octane only for Maximum Performance



Piston Style Flat Top, with valve reliefs

 (for VVT duh)

Casting Numbers 799, 243
Material Aluminum
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75k miles on my 09 Sierra, no oil burning issues to speak of. Did the valve cover swap, added an oil catch can and got a range afm disabler once I got on this forum and realized how many people were having issues. I figured this is cheap insurance just in case oil consumption did start. I did notice a big oil stain on the block underneath spark plug 1 when I changed my plugs last year, that was before I added the mods stated above. No new stains since. 

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I use Rotella Oil in my 2002 Silverado Ext Cab 4x4 5.3 liter with 121K.

My Dad was original Owner, He always took it to Firestone near his house.

I've had it 3 years now, It "uses" about half a quart over 5k miles.

No leaks that I can see, no Blue/white smoke on start-ups, I don't know where it goes..



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It burns it - they all do in varying amounts. 1 quart in 5k miles will never show any evidence, aside from the level drop at oil change time.

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On 7/7/2019 at 8:59 PM, Jsdirt said:

That's true of any engine .... but you're missing the point.


In their quest to meet EPA regulations (better mileage / emissions), they cut corners on the entire AFM system, and valve train. Low tension piston rings were used to get the mileage they needed ... and in exchange they completely wore out at 50k miles - sometimes less, sometimes more. 


I bought my truck brand new. NOBODY has owned it but me since day 1. Forty miles on the clock. It's had a steady diet of top shelf synthetics since 2k miles. Started off with Royal Purple, then switched to Amsoil Signature Series at 40k miles - can't get any better oil than that. Most I've ever run that oil was 9,600 miles. The severe service interval on that oil is 15k miles - the additive package is robust enough to handle that without a problem. I sent my sample into Blackstone Labs, and had high levels of aluminum and iron (piston and rings). Second sample I changed much sooner, and had high levels of brass and iron (camshaft bearings and camshaft). I'm only at 97k now. Started using oil at 50k miles, and oil pressure started trending downwards at around 80k (along with the cam bearing pieces in the oil analysis). When I was a teenager up to my 30's, I abused the CRAP out of my cars and trucks from the 70's & 80's - some I never changed the oil in since they burned, leaked, or did both! NEVER had any sign of engine failure. Well over 200k, some well over 300k, and others we'll never know (maybe 400k to 500k). This truck might look, ride, stop and handle better than those vehicles, but it's a complete piece of shit in comparison. I won't even see 150k before I'll have to put an engine in this thing. Has NOTHING to do with maintenance - it's GM's quest to make money with a failing company.

Im not doubting but I would like links to info on this stuff, and maybe some How-to's or at least what-to as far as the final say on the AFM thing. im at 55k Would a disabler do the trick? I don't really wanna jump in there mechanically yet. 

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Kinda an old post since the last reply but I’m going through this same thing. Bought the truck (2013 w the 5.3) with 117k miles July 2019. Checked the oil when I got it home and it was new and full. Then after a couple months and about 3000 miles noticed it was dripping down quite a bit on my driveway and was coming down off the filter. Filter was loose so I tightened it and checked the oil level. Not even on the end of the stick. Added 2 quarts and it got it back on the stick. Topped it off. Checked it every week or so and didn’t notice it going down much so I just figured it was leaking out due to the loose filter. When it came time to change it around 7500 miles or 20% on the oil life monitor again was a couple quarts low. Then I stopped driving much when covid hit until driving 750 miles to my parents for Christmas. One way trip it went from full to half way down the marker. Thought hmmm maybe I didn’t have it all the way full before I left.  Made SURE it was full before I left their house and checked it the day after I got home and again exactly half way down the dipstick in 750 miles. I bought a new drivers side valve cover thinking maybe mine is clogged and for $50 I’ll try it and see if it’s helps. Haven’t gotten the part in yet but it’s definitely using more than any “normal” amount of oil right now. Other than that runs perfect 

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Ok y'all.  You may not believe this but I assure you it's true.  I realized that all this oil loss started when I put my stock tune back on the truck to run 87 oct gas.  I also seafoamed the truck so did that, ran the fuel down to when the light came on, filled up with 93 and put the Lew Tune back on.  I drove for a week and almost a full tank of gas and the oil level has not dropped any at all that I can tell.  Before, it would be down from the top hole on the stick to almost the bottom one in just 350 miles.  It's hard to believe that just by turning off the AFM and cleaning the combustion chamber it made that much difference, but it did.  I was to the point I was going to trade in the truck but now I'm going to keep it a while.   I never did put the new valve cover on. Since my truck is a 2013 it already has the new one  

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