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so kinda new to posting but i have some question about this size tire. i have seen one or two people with 315/75/16 on with just crankin the torsion bars.


the questions i have are:


1. is it possible to fit them on with no lift kit and just cranking a little


2. if possible to just crank about how far do i need to crank


3.will i need to move the front bumper out at all




4. what would be a good backspace and offset for this application

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well i would keep the stock wheel if you're going to attempt this, any aftermarket wheel is going to bring it further out and make it rub more. ideally you want a lift obviously, i havn't seen it done, but i do know that most of the time it takes a 6" lift to clear these properly. minimum i'd do a body lift and a new set of keys

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I had a set on my last truck (2000 K1500) I had a 3 inch body lift, and torsion bars leveled, and they rubbed when turning sharp. NO WAY they will fit without that for a minimum, depending on offset of wheel you may need more.


Here is a pic, It had 315/75/r16 Mickey Thompson Baha Claws.


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