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VIN Check

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Thanks for the info, I didn't know it was frowned on. Sorry



Yep. GM doesn't care for their proprietary information to posted all over the interwebz. They can do go after sites that go against their wishes

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I am thinking about buying a new to me SUV, could anyone run the VIN and see how much warranty work was done? 1GYFK66817R304524



XM Radio is active, OnStar is inactive. Sold new with 4 miles on 11/12/2006.


No Open recalls.


11/20/07 Rt.Quarter Glass replaced @ 10,311 miles.


05/13/08 Oil Pan gasket replaced @ 16,080 miles


11/12/2008 W/S Wiper recall jumper harness repaired & rear cover oil leak fixed @ 21,289 miles.


04/02/2009 Wheel cover cap replaced @ 26,272 miles


03/03/2010 Two (2) assist step motors replaced @ 37,224 miles

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