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Hit and Run: Its a Jeep Thing


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My wife was on the way home in Tulsa and a Red 2006 Jeep Wrangler rub down the side of her car and kept going.


She got the tag.


We know his name, address, and policy number.


The thing I dont understand: the officer that showed up 45 minutes after it happened to dobthe report said something to the effect of


"He will be arrested next time the plates are run"


Uhhhh....you know where lives.....GO GET HIM!



I pulled his address up on google and the jeep is in the driveway on satellite view. Lol.

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My wife forgot to tell me last time. The guy did the "im sorry" wave after he hit her.


I ran by the guys house and saw the Jeep out front. HE lives in the town next to Tulsa, called Broken Arrow. I called the non emergency number, of course, and informed them I found a vehicle that was involved in a hit and run yesterday, and while the cop was nice in tone, he huffed and signed increasingly louder with every turn of talking I mean Saturday Night Live skit loud. I wish I had a recording, the local radio stations would probably use it as comedy material for months.....the asthmatic cop.... I gave him the address, plates, description, and report number from tulsa. HE really didn't know why I was even contacting them, did I want. He asked what the reporting officer from the accident was wanting to be done, and I told him that that officer said the guy would be arrested next time his plates were run. I told him I was merely trying to save them some time and get the guy off the street.


He said he wasn't really sure what I was expecting......[and yes, I'm not kidding.]

I said "Oh, I though hit and run was a crime"(not as a smart elec tho.)


HE said " Oh well, yeah it is, but they only arrest if its an injury. if its just property damage they only give him a citation. And anyway, since it happened in tulsa, all they can do is knock on the dorr and ask the guy who was driving it. Was it an injury accident?


I said it happened a day ago, my wife's back is sore and she hasnt been to her doc yet since its the weekend, but I'm not sure. So if you gotta have an injury for an arrest, go ahead and call it an injury..


I still need to check on that. Just because someone is supposed to enforce the law doesn't mean they know anything about it (Especially judging by the multitude police horror stories that have been in news lately)

Moral of the story, if your in a hit and run, call an ambulance and the cops might actually care about enforcing the law. In fact the news is littered with people who were hunted down after they bumped a car in an "injury


Ok, I know not all cops are bad. My town has awesome cops in fact. Had a 5 minutes response time to my house on a false alarm. That is INSANE fast. I live on the edge of town too. I was praising those guys for that, told them how awesome they were, how glad I was to be in this town.



I have heard some crazy stores over the last several years, about TPD.(NOT the The Sherrifs Dept. Those guys rarely have a bad thing said about them as far as I know) The local radio "COPS ARE THE BOMB!" conservative talk stations have even turning on TPD the last few years, its just story after story lately, either on the news or someone I meet or know. I knew someone who's husband was trying to run off kids teasing his disabled wheelchair bound kid, when they jumped the husband.....police took one hour to get there while wife was begging for help....recent story, woman is screaming for police while her guy is beating her.. Since no one answered the door, the police left. Police blame unsolved muder on the community not giving info. Okay, I'll give them that...but then the same Police turn around and solve murder using info given by community which led them right to the killer, state "outstanding policework" solved it. I guess mapquest directions now qualify as outsanding policework. I know a guy that has called in nightly shooting in his neighboorhood. Police stopped responding. He is so fedup he is leaving the state. A man that lives three block away was shot, manages to call 911..... police arrive 45 minutes after ambulance, stay for a few minutes, and leave, and never follow up, The guy recovers, calls the police department, and are told they have everything they need, strange since they never talked to him. Woman calls in aggressive dog. They tell her simply to just not go outside She goes outside, shoots the dog in her yard, and is arrested for unlawfully discharging a firearm, and animal cruelty.


Tulsa Fire on the other hand gets nothing but constant praise from the community.



Broken Arrow touts record low crime. Refused to proccess evidence or file a report on a death threat of someone. Well, of course crime is low if you pretend it doesn't happen.


Ah.... and the time a BAPD was on the bumper of my 69 Camaro for a half mile, so close you couldn't see his headlights. Next lane was empty.


And then they complain about lack of public support. DUH.

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If I were in your position, I'd hand it over to my insurance company. In my case (USAA), they'd be all over it like a pit bull on a pork chop.

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I don't know how things work there, but here, the agency where the crash happened would head out to the suspect's house and try to view the vehicle and determine who was driving. They'd try to get a statement from the driver and write a citation, and it'd be done. Obviously if the guy lives out of town, depending on what they have going on, they may not have the ability to go follow-up right away, but as others mentioned and common sense would tell you, the longer you wait, the more of a chance the guy has to find a shop and repair his damage. I hope they get this done for you.

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