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100k+ mile update for 2014+ trucks?

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Hit 103k last night... basic maintenance and recall stuff; you can find my "history" on this site so I won't retype it here. All in all, I'm quite happy with the truck...I've gotten as high as 25.4mpg in 25miles, 22+ in 50, and 20+ in 400... so I'm happy with that... wouldn't mind even better though (read below)


A few things I wish i could resolve without spending money:

  • The clicking/shifty drivers seat - I've just lived with it since the dealer couldn't/wouldn't fix it.
  • It spends less time in V4 mode now than it used to on the same daily route - I think this is why I'm not as good on mpg as I used to be (previously, my best 25 mile stint was something over 26mpg before the battery died. I'd discussed this in another thread as well). I feel like it is down on power/torque slightly compared to when it was newer.
  • Trans shifting/Throttle response - hunts gears sometimes, or just can't seem to "pick one gear down" when I give it a little gas... jumps down two instead of one, then upshifts again within 5 secs. (may have to go the way Gone Fishing did with a tune - but only if I can keep the V4 mode!)
  • Trans/Engine can be "lurchy" sometimes when coming to a stop or when trying to pull away from a stop.... driveline clunks, rpm stumbles and recovers (drops below 500rpm), won't launch for a split second... They showed me a bulletin that indicates that the transmission is "in transition" and commands "zero torque" from the engine until it is finished downshifting. I've wondered if it was TPS related, or if I have torque convertor clutches acting up... At least I'm on record complaining about it (prior to 100k miles)... so if something happens in the near future mileage-wise, I can argue it for coverage.
  • More power when pulling my enclosed trailer (as I've mentioned above, and mentioned in other threads regarding my rear axle ratio choice..)
  • Oil consumption/loss (same as Gone Fishing stated)
  • Oil Leak - leaves a few drops a day - haven't looked into where it's coming from.... may force the dealer to evaluate it since they just changed the oil.
  • A "harmonic" oscillation/sound at ~58mph that is likely in the exhaust - so I just drive faster :)
  • Plugging an iPod into the USB in the center console storage bay results in the MyLink and iPod locking up after a few tracks or so... The radio reboots, but I need to reboot the iPod manually, then it starts over like it was never connected - really sucks when listening to an Audible book. I've gone to using the headphone jack and Aux input instead; less integrated (need to control the iPod from the iPod instead of the dash - I know this is a "1st world problem", truly NBD,

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26mpg...is your truck the configuration in your details? the crew cab short bed? you hand calculating that?

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Bumping this post by giving a update on my truck


just rolled to 70,000 miles on my 2014 5.3 V8. It has been lifted 6” on 35s since new, I bought with 38,000 miles two years ago.


Matinance has only been oil changes always done at 6k miles and frequent tire rotations. At least every 6k miles sometimes 3k




The AC compressor went out around 45,000 miles

the transmission coolant line in the front was leaking, replaced like and no issues (68,000)

Alternator went out around 60,000 miles


I got a superchips programmer, which is a must for a lifted Silverado. Truck drives way smoother on the highway as it actually stays in 6th gear going down the highway rather van bouncing between 5th and 6th


also, if you are deciding between nitto trail grapplers versus nitto ridge grapplers, go the ridge. I was on the trail graps for about 10,000 miles and once they wore a little they got pretty loud on the highway. I’m at around 10,000 on these and they are much quieter and comfortable, yet still look aggressive like the trail graps.


ive done a roadtrip to Colorado from Texas with the current set up and it was very smooth and comfortable . Depending on the wind direction, I get about 12-15 on the highway



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Bought my 2015 WT used last year with 104,000+. My first Chevy in quite a few years. According to the carfax all service had been done at the selling dealer since new and on schedule. The truck now has ~150,000. I had to replace a cracked AC condenser a couple of months ago but otherwise it's simply been maintain, gas, and drive. Trans fluid and filter changed. Coolant flush and front/rear diffs scheduled as soon as I get garage time. New plugs when I brought it home. Had a 5startuning tune installed and now the truck acts like a truck should. So far with the tune I'm averaging about 18mpg and I can live with that:-) Put Bilstein 5100's on it a few weeks ago and it handles better but doesn't ride as good as the OEM black shocks.

I plan to maintain and drive this truck for many more miles. It's paid for, runs great, gets decent mileage, it's comfortable, quiet, and it looks good. I've made lots of mods to the interior to suit me and I like it just as it is. I pull a camper and a blower and exhaust are on the table for later this year otherwise.....just gonna drive it. 

truck 02-11.jpg

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2015 Rado with 86,000 on the clock. Repairs? A $15 pinion seal. :rolleyes:

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